Get hands-on from day one in this exciting, industry-focused series of 8 week course that specialises in Electronic Music Production for aspiring producers aged 16+. 

After completion of Level 1, students are able to progress to levels 2 and 3 (Dates TBC).

Upon completion of each level of the course, students will receive an SAE short course certificate and be part of our global alumni community.

Utilising industry-standard software such as Ableton Live and Logic Pro X, you’ll explore beat making, sound design, arrangement, mixing and mastering, as well as music promotion.

SAE short courses are only open to students residing in the UK or EU.


£640 for each level.



Level 1 - Mondays and Wednesdays starting on 11 January 2021 and finishing on 10 March 6:30pm until 9pm





16 and over



Topics covered 

  • Basic sound theory
  • MIDI
  • Sampling and synthesis
  • EQ, effects and dynamics
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Ableton Live
  • Logic Pro X

What you'll learn - LEVEL 1

By the end of the Level 1 course you will be able to:

  • Understand the various studio components required.
  • Identify various connections and set up of the studio.
  • Learn how to operate a Digital Audio Workstation.
  • Work with audio and understand music theory
  • Music composition
  • MIDI programming
  • Critical listening on various musical genres
  • Synthesis and sequencing
  • Sampling and Arrangement
  • Compression formats
  • Mixing console basics


By the end of the Level 2 course you will be able to:

  • Operate a studio mixing console
  • Gain a full understanding of Dynamic processors such as compressors, noise gates, side chain.
  • Use FX units Reverb, Chorus, flanging etc
  • Console automation, mix groups, aux send/return
  • Insert points
  • Song arrangement techniques
  • Advanced mix effects
  • Remixing and vocal recording
  • Finalising the Mix
  • Working with hardware and synthesisers
  • Build your own synth in NI Reaktor
  • Working with Modular synthesis


By the end of the Level 3 course you will be able to:

  • Integrate hardware and software
  • DJ skills in Ableton Live
  • Perform a production in Ableton Live
  • Intro into Max for Live (Build your own
  • Preparing your track for Live performance. 
  • Performing with musicians, Live drums and percussion.
  • Finalizing the Mix. Mastering electronic music.
  • Mastering for streaming devices
  • Mastering for club environments
  • Editing audio
  • Digital distribution and promotion

Who should attend

This course is ideal for aspiring producers and musicians with little to no experience in music production. It is highly recommended for students who want to apply for further study in audio.


Payment up front = £40 discount = total cost £600

Successful completion of level 1 = 25% discount to level 2 (level 2 = £480), = 2 levels for £1120 (£160 saving)

Successful completion of level 1 AND level 2 = 50% discount of level 3 (level 3 = £320), = ALL 3 levels for £1440 (instead of £1920 = a £480 saving)


You should bring a notebook and pen to classes. You may also wish to bring your own laptop or tablet, however, this is not necessary.

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  Course Date from Date to Day(s) Duration Campus Price  
  EMP Level 1 30 March 2020 25 May 2020 Mon, Wed 8 Weeks Glasgow/Oxford £640  
  EMP Level 2 30 March 2020 25 May 2020 Mon, Thurs 8 Weeks Glasgow/Oxford £640  
  EMP Level 3 18 May 2020 13 July 2020 Mon, Wednesday 8 Weeks Glasgow/Oxford £640  
  EMP Level 4 TBA TBA TBA 7 Weeks Glasgow/Oxford £640