Accelerated Degrees

SAE offer Accelerated Undergraduate Degrees in creative disciplines such as Audio, Film, Games Development, Animation, VFX and more.

Our courses allow you to graduate from a full degree course in just two years, saving you money and fast-tracking you into your chosen industry!

How SAE Accelerated Degrees Work

Studying an accelerated degree at SAE will require you to study three trimesters per year, as opposed to the traditional model of two semesters per year, over three years. Split over six trimesters, our courses follow a structure consisting of three distinct FHEQ levels – each designed to help you develop specific skills.

Dividing your learning this way ensures you graduate as a well-rounded creative professional with a universal understanding of the entire creative process for your discipline.

Level 4 spans Trimester 1 and 2, is designed to provide you with a foundation of core technical knowledge.

Level 5 spans Trimester 3 and 4, broadens your skills, exploring new areas of your chosen discipline. It also builds your more transferrable industry skills, including aspects like project management, collaboration, finance and promotion.

Level 6 spans Trimester 5 and 6, is a deep dive into your chosen discipline. During this stage you’ll advance your specific specialisation in one aspect of the industry, using research, professional development activities, and large project management to develop your graduate portfolio.

Final Year Project – A springboard into industry

In Level 6, your learning is framed around your major project, which you will design, scope and have approved by your expert tutors in Trimester 5 and execute in Trimester 6. This project offers you the opportunity to focus and advance your knowledge and skills in your chosen specialism within your field and serves as the culmination of your learning journey at SAE.

Previously, students have used the Major Project as a springboard into industry, creating award winning projects, establishing their own businesses, or making connections with industry professionals that have led to employment.

How often will I be taught

Students at SAE have more scheduled sessions at Levels 4-5 (on average 11 hours per week) and fewer as they advance into Level 6 (on average 6 hours per week). These hours will include seminars, practical classes, workshops, and some online classes. Lessons take place in both mornings or afternoons every weekday, Monday-Friday.

Class sizes vary depending on the campus and course, but average around 15. You may, for example, have a larger lecture group for some shared sessions, and smaller practical groups of 6-12 students. All SAE classes are taught by academics and leading creative professionals.

SAE’s degrees are full-time courses, so outside of scheduled lesson time you will be expected to fill your week with directed and self-directed study – this might include working on exercises or materials given in class, completing assignments and portfolio work, researching the topics being studied or practicing your technical skills.

Our high spec facilities remain open to you outside of class times, to ensure whilst you’re studying at SAE you have every opportunity to hone your skills.

Remember, studying is the same as everything in life – you’ll get out what you put in. With that in mind, we actively encourage students to take full advantage of everything SAE has to offer, not least the opportunity to network with fellow creatives who will no doubt become professional collaborators as you move into your creative career!

Fees and Funding

Accelerated degrees are cost effective too, students will save over £5k on tuition fees and, by reducing your education to two years, SAE students save even more on their living expenses compared to a traditional three-year undergraduate student. As with traditional universities, eligible UK and Irish students studying at SAE are also eligible for both tuition fee loans and maintenance payments. Maintenance payments are split across the year in three instalments, which will ensure you’re funded throughout the academic year.

Multiple Intakes

At SAE we also offer two entry points during the year for our Accelerated Degrees – September and January.


How to Apply

If you’re interested in applying for an Accelerated Degree you can start your
application using the Apply Now link above, or alternatively submit an application
form via the UCAS website. Once you’ve registered you can start the application

For further details on how to apply, please visit our How to Apply section in the
navigation or contact our friendly team on +44 (0)3330 112 315.


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