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All SAE UK degrees are developed, delivered and assessed by SAE Institute.  The degree is awarded and quality assured by the University of Hertfordshire. This means that the qualifications you receive upon graduation are recognised internationally.

All SAE courses have a focus on practical, hands-on delivery. The amount of practical time you experience during your studies does vary, depending on your course. You will also have opportunities to access campus resources and facilities outside of class time, during campus opening hours.

We carefully design and deliver all our units to help you develop the knowledge you need to be successful in your chosen field of study. Courses and course units at SAE follow best practice teaching and learning.


A diploma is skills focused. By undertaking an SAE diploma in animation, audio, film or games, you will develop foundation skills in these specific discipline areas. Students can use the SAE diploma as a pathway to degree level study at SAE. Diplomas are a great option for people who haven’t studied before and/or those looking for an alternative pathway to degree level studies.

Bachelor Degree

A bachelor degree offers a rigorous combination of skills combined with a greater depth and breadth of theoretical knowledge and analytical skills. This knowledge is applicable to both your creative media discipline and the professional world more broadly. A bachelor degree offers you an entry point to professional work, builds portable skills, and develops sustainable, lifelong learning. Key high learning skills are a requisite of the bachelor degree and graduate study options are available upon completion. Bachelor degrees are suitable for people looking to develop professional skills and knowledge and to build long-term, successful careers in their industry of choice.

Successful creative media graduates need both practical skills and theoretical knowledge. It is important to know the “how” and the “why” of your industry. SAE courses are specifically designed to give you practical expertise and a solid theoretical foundation.

SAE has three intakes per year: January, May and September. Short courses and certificates courses may have different intake timings.

Upcoming Open Day details can be found on our Events page.

Yes, as a 2-year accelerated degree  student you will need to be prepared to commit full-time to this course. We advise that you should be prepared to commit around 35-40 hours per week towards your studies

The content of our degree courses is taught predominantly on campus. However, if appropriate we also offer an online Masters programme – MPP

My Application

At SAE we consider your creative potential and commitment to the Creative Industries, not just your academic history.

We ask that applicants achieve a level 3 qualification amounting to 72 UCAS tariff points or equivalent.  If you have less than 72 UCAS points, we require a portfolio of related work.

For domestic student entry requirements click here

For international student entry requirements click here

You can apply for SAE courses quickly and easily online. Go to our Apply now page for further information.

Experience-based entry options are available to both domestic and international students. For further information, contact your campus to discuss your experience-based entry options.

You can apply for SAE courses quickly and easily online. Go to our Apply now page for further information.

Enrolment documents do not need to be certified however, please note, at any time, you should be willing and able to provide original documents or original certified copies of supporting documentation. Failure to do so may result in your application being rejected. Requests for the provision of original or certified documentation may also involve asking the relevant tertiary admissions centres, issuing authorities or other relevant organisations for verification. For documents submitted in a language other than English, an English translation must be provided by an accredited translator with a Government body or authorised personnel of the issuing institution.

Applying for a student visa can be a complicated process. While you are able to do this yourself, an approved SAE Agent can help you with the process. Agents are trained to assist applicants with their university and visa applications.

So long as you meet the entry requirements for the course that you want to study, the Admissions team can assist you in changing your enrolment over. This needs to be done no later than your first census date.

You will only be required to submit a portfolio if you have not met our Level 3 entry requirements for the course, 72 UCAS points or above. One of the National Course Advising team would be happy guide you on how to produce a portfolio if needed.

No, when applying please send only your original certificates and any transcripts that might come along with them.


If you have lost your certificates, you must apply to the awarding bodies (e.g. AQA/Edexcel) for either a new certificate or a certifying statement of results. It can take more than 1 month to get new certificates so make sure you apply in good time before your course start date.

Students who are currently awaiting their results (prior to the start of the course) ahead of a September intake should apply through the UCAS platform.  However, students who have their final results, or those looking at joining SAE in January or May should apply directly through our website.


See our How to apply (UK/Ireland) page for more information.


Although it is great to have skills in a similar subject area, this is not a requirement when applying for our courses. We are solely looking for 72 UCAS points from your Level 3 studies or for you to present a portfolio of work relating to your chosen subject.

My enrolment

If you wish to defer before you course has commenced, please contact SAE’s admissions team. If you wish to defer after your course has commenced you will be required to contact Student Services at your campus and complete a Cessation of Studies form.

You must withdraw prior to census date in order to be eligible for a refund of tuition fees. If you have not paid your fees and withdraw after the census date, you will incur a debt. Non-completion of studies does not normally entitle a student to any refund.

The census date is the last day you can withdraw from a unit without incurring any financial or academic penalty for that unit of study. The census date is usually set at 20% of the study period for each trimester and will be published in advance. The census dates are outlined in the SAE’s Fee Schedule.

The maximum time you are able to defer study is 12 months.

Financial penalties will apply to students who leave their courses after the allocated census date.


Tuition fee funding is available for UK and Irish students, and applicants may also qualify for a maintenance loan to help with the day-to-day living costs. Tuition fee funding is not available for international students.


Find out more on funding for UK and Irish students our Course Fees & Payment Options page.


Looking for International Fees?  Find out more on our International Fees & Payments page.

Each application to study with SAE is reviewed individually therefore there is no definitive answer, however this may be a key factor if applying for SLC or SAAS funding to study another degree.

See our Course Fees & Payment Options page for more details.

Yes, there is an SAE Student Store with discounts available to students who have fully enrolled.

SLC (Student Loans)

You will be sent an Invoice Notice 14 days before each census day, indicating your fees and census dates. Your debt is incurred on the day after the census day. After a census day has passed, SAE will also send you a Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) for that study period. The CAN will provide you with information about your debt, including the loan fee if applicable. If you believe your CAN is incorrect, you should contact your college immediately.

For a few courses, there may be a gap between the course fee and the loan cap that the Commonwealth will allow for your course. You will be advised of this when you enquire, and also about other payment options that may be available.

Fees & payments

Your tuition fees are due prior to the trimester start date. If you are applying for Fee-Help or VET Student Loans, you must submit the required application form and supporting documents prior to the intake start date.

For information on tuition fees visit the Fee Schedule section of the website.

You may elect to pay tuition fees using one of the following methods:

Cheque or Australian Money Order

Visa or Mastercard

Electronic Transfer or Direct Deposit

FEE-HELP VET student loan.

Self-funding is only available to domestic students. For those that self-fund, they can pay in equal instalments per month/ per trimester, with those payments always in advance of the trimester ahead.

International students will need to pay the first years fees up front as per UKVI requirements when applying for a student visa. 

Student services

SAE is committed to providing equal opportunities for students with disabilities or special learning needs. For more information visit Student Services.

SAE campuses offer sessions with the Student Experience Officers who can assist you with your assessments.

Contact the Student Experience Team on your campus to find out more.

Yes, there is an SAE Student Store with discounts available to students who have fully enrolled.

Student life

This can vary depending on the campus and course. You may, for example, have a larger lecture group for common units, and a smaller tutorial group of 8-15 students. In most cases tutorial sizes average 15 – 30 students.

This is dependant on how many units you study per trimester. You should expect to be on campus one day a week per unit of study. If, for example, you are completing your studies via the full time fast track mode, you should expect to be on campus four days a week.

We always welcome feedback. Any member of SAE staff is happy to hear what you have to say and ensure that this information makes its way to the most appropriate person. Students are also welcomed to provide feedback via our student surveys and Staff-Student Consultative Committees which are held at each SAE campus. SAE students may also become members of the local student council and/or SAE Academic Board. These bodies provide students with an excellent opportunity to enhance the student life. For more information, contact your local student services team.

Yes, there is an SAE Student Store with discounts available to students who have fully enrolled.

Some of our students have part-time jobs alongside their studies. However, we would ask you to find a suitable balance to ensure this doesn’t impact your learning. 

We do not offer on site accommodation for students, however please check our Student Accommodation page to find out more details of accommodation around the campuses.

My studies

Students can access campus facilities during opening hours. Please contact your campus for timings.

You can have your email password reset by emailing the request through to

You have 10 days after the due date to lodge a Special Consideration form.

SAE Alumni is a network of SAE graduates. When you graduate, you will have the opportunity to join the global Alumni Association. See some of our Alumni here.

If you need to provide a medical certificate for any reason, please ensure that you provide this to the Student Experience Officer at your campus.

A full time fast track study load is defined as 40 hours per week. Of this 40 hours you can expect 12-15 hours of face-to-face teaching time. The additional hours of study include collaborative work (i.e. recording sessions) and individual study time.

In order to extend your study visa, you will need to apply for an exceptional assurance via UKVI or switch to a graduate or post-study work visa.

Please find some useful resources here:

You will have approximately 14 hours per week of formal classes, spread across 3-4 days (subject to change at different points of the year).

Some of our students have part-time jobs alongside their studies. However, we would ask you to find a suitable balance to ensure this doesn’t impact your learning. 

Facilities & Equipment

No, this is not required. Students have access to our campus computer labs for assessment work.

Opening hours are generally 9.00am–5.00pm. However, each campus may vary their hours of operation. Students do have out-of-hours access to the studios and computer labs. For more information contact your campus.

For information regarding parking at your campus, check out your campus page.

You will use a variety of industry standard and specialised software applications relevant to your study.

Each campus has their own guidelines regarding equipment collection. Please contact your campus directly.

Typically, studios open between 9.00-10.00am. Studio opening hours are different for each campus and can vary throughout the trimester according to demand. Please contact your campus directly for more information on opening hours and studio availability.

Yes – all SAE programs use a learning management system to help you prepare for your classes, reflect upon your learning, submit assessments and collaborate and communicate with your peers. For this reason, we recommend that you have access to high-speed internet access while you are studying.

Yes, there is an SAE Student Store with discounts available to students who have fully enrolled.


It would be best to make an appointment to see a Student Experience Officer (SEO) at your campus as soon as possible. It would be preferable to get the required medical documentation prior to your appointment with the SEO.

While provision of adequate support without the required supporting medical documentation is difficult, we ensure that all of our students receive guidance and assistance from our staff in whatever circumstances – please never hesitate to reach out.

Unfortunately, without disclosure to the Student Experience Officer (SEO), there this very little that SAE can do to support you throughout your program. The information you provide is collected for the purpose of developing and approving your student access plan and the provision of other required support to assist you to reach your full potential here at SAE.

The SEO will only disclose your personal or health information to other SAE staff upon your consent. Please feel free to contact the SEO to discuss your concerns.

No. As a student of SAE, support services are provided free of charge.


Upcoming Open Day details can be found on our Events page.

That is not a problem at all. If there is a virtual option for the event that you would like to watch instead we will be able to switch your ticket, all you will need to do is email and let them know you need to switch tickets.

If you are unable to attend at all, please still email us to let us know so we can open up your ticket to other attendees.

Our SAE Extra and SAE Futures Programme of events will offer online options, for those who are unable to get into one of our campuses.


When booking tickets, make sure to select the virtual ticket option.  These will be streamed via Zoom, with the links being sent out 48 hours ahead of the events.


Our top priority is student and staff health and wellbeing, and we will continue to follow Government Guidance. Flexible, blended delivery of our courses will continue.


All students who attend campus must, as a condition of entry, register at the reception desk, showing evidence of a negative lateral flow test. All attendees to campus are encouraged to wear a mask in public areas, unless they are exempt.

SAE is closely monitoring each of its campuses. If there is a confirmed case of a student or staff member with COVID-19, the SAE student and teaching community will be informed as a priority. If you have been identified as a potential close contact of the positive case, then you will be contacted personally and provided with directions, in line with health department advice.

Assessment processes will remain the same. For modules that use holistic assessment, please ensure that you continue to participate in class, work on your projects and maintain your learning journals (if required for your module). SAE Faculty have been provided guidance on how to ensure we are making appropriate changes to assessment in order to address any challenges you or your peers face. Your facilitator will let you know in advance if any assessment changes are required, to maximise your progression and success in your course.

SAE will continue to follow the advice of health authorities and medical experts and share information as it is received. We recommend you check your student email on a daily basis for relevant updates. Rest assured, you will be notified via your student email or SMS of any urgent updates.

If you want to reach out to your campus with a question, you can chat online with your campus Student Services team Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm. Simply access this service by logging onto Campus Online.

Each SAE campus has deployed software such as Slack and Discord to support cross-discipline collaboration. Your facilitator will advise what software is being used for your module.

Campuses are open, with staff onsite to support students who want to access computer labs and equipment.

Please refer to COVID Safe for Students for information about coming to campus and access to equipment and studios. In addition to scheduled classes, optional practical sessions will be scheduled on campus to support audio, film, animation and capstone projects. Lecturers will provide students with information about these sessions at the beginning of the trimester.

Important information about remote access to software is updated frequently and can be found here. Check this site for information and instructions about software for use at home.

Equipment is available for on and off campus production work, with some changes to the hire and use of equipment, guided by health and hygiene protocols. We have made some slight adjustments to teaching and assessments to ensure that projects will not be impacted. For more information about hiring equipment, booking studios and campus opening hours, please refer to COVID Safe for Students.

SAE staff have been providing a range of options to support students through this pandemic. These options include opportunities for late submissions, modification of assessment items and individual learning contracts. You may defer to a future study period, however the rules relating to remission of fees are set by the government and not SAE. We are more than happy to talk to you about your individual circumstances and work with you to find a solution that will best meet your needs.

We encourage all students to engage in responsible physical distancing and to practise good hygiene. The accommodation facilities remain in operation unless notified otherwise. If you have any concerns, please contact your Campus Manager.

Please ensure you have the following in place to support your remote learning:

A high-speed internet connection to run Zoom – the software we are using to facilitate classroom delivery

A computer or device capable of running the Zoom client and any software required for your module

Headphones, a microphone and webcam to get the best from this experience

Keep up to date with information about software options for students on our software site, and check your student email regularly for updates.

All SAE programs, and the means by which your work is appraised, are built on the principle of 3P’s – People (How to be a better creative industries practitioner and get the most from teams & colleagues), Process (How to make things which are quality, on time & on budget) and Product (How to use the tools of your trade).

Your tools are a component of only one of three elements, and we encourage all SAE students to be creative in your application of different tools to bring your project to life. How you manage resources (Process), and how you and your teams adapt (People) are equally important. Of course, SAE will make allowances for the situation and provide support. We encourage you to consult with your facilitator if in doubt.

Confidential free counselling is available for all SAE students. Student Counsellors are available to assist students with any personal issues or circumstances that might affect wellbeing and study. Currently, we are offering most appointments remotely via Zoom or telephone, with some on-campus appointments available by arrangement. If you would like to book a counselling session or find out more information please contact your campus Student Counsellor.

SAE understands that students’ health, wellbeing and studies could be adversely impacted. We recommend you refer to the Department of Health guidelines for information. If you require support, Student Services Advisors can provide personal wellbeing and academic support. To make an on-campus or video appointment, email your campus Student Services Advisor.

SAE Creative Media Institute Australia recognises that many international students have been directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and may require special assistance. In response, we have developed a number of measures aimed at supporting our international students during this challenging time. Any international student experiencing hardship and/or struggling with their studies is encouraged to contact their Students Services Advisor to explore all available options.

We have put a range of assistance measures in place which includes:

Tailored study plans

Payment deferral plans

Counselling Support

In addition to partnering with the local campus Student Services team the Australian Federal and State Governments have announced a number of measures to help support international students during this time. We encourage international students to explore all available financial support measures and/or reach out to their local education group for more information.

A summary of these measures can be found here.

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