Find your new creative home

With 5 cutting-edge campuses in 4 locations across the UK, you'll find the one that sparks your creativity and takes your skills to new levels.
SAE is accessible all around the country and open to all creative minds. Never before has there been so much opportunity to develop your passion, hone your craft and turn it into a career.

Each campus has strong connections to local creative studios, who often approach us to assist on live projects. Many of our students go on to work with them full-time, flexing their skills on hit films and TV shows, cutting-edge video games and globally successful audio projects.

Wherever your creativity takes you - and whichever SAE campus you choose - you'll find a vibrant city culture, world-class courses and expert tutors ready to nurture your natural talent and transform you into an industry pro.

World-class courses

All our courses are designed to get you ready for the world of work from day one. You’ll learn from expert tutors and industry pros still operating at the top of their creative game. And you’ll graduate faster than at traditional unis, with our accelerated 2-year degrees propelling you into the creative industries. With SAE, there are no limits.

Cutting-edge facilities

We invest heavily to give you practical hands-on experience in an environment that mimics the professional creative world. Equipment is tailored to our different creative industry courses, with each campus having its own state-of-the-art facilities. From SSL and Neve desks, to Animation Labs and Dolby Atmos Post-Production Suites, you’ll find it all at SAE.

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