5 Content Creators Everyone Needs to Know

We recently launched our new Content Creation and Online Marketing course to provide creatives with the skills needed to create engaging and dynamic digital assets. Get in touch to find out more and check out our top five list of inspirational content creators.


Cinema Therapy

If you’re a film lover, we highly recommend checking out Cinema Therapy. Professional filmmaker Alan Seawright and licensed therapist Johnathan Deck come together as best friends to comment on blockbuster films through the lens of mental health.

Connect on Twitter @therapy_cinema.


Space Between the Notes

Space Between the Notes is a refreshing podcast in which three aspiring producers talk about music production, life stories and interview industry professionals. The hosts talk about music and audio production in a way that is accessible to listeners at every level and is, of course, highly entertaining to listen to. If you have any interest in audio then you will love Space Between the Notes.

Follow on Instagram @sbtnpodcast.


Brittney Lee

@britsketch is a visual development artists at Walt Disney animation studios and serves up some serious art inspiration on her Instagram. If you’re looking for beautiful, whimsical art filled with bright colours then Brittney Lee is an account to follow.


Find out more via Brittney’s Etsy: britsketch | Etsy UK.


Washington Post

Washington Post’s TikTok is not only informative and insightful, but can also be light-hearted and funny. If you need a break from the heaviness of daily news but still want to stay informed, give the newspaper a follow on TikTok below.

We are a newspaper. (@washingtonpost) Official TikTok | Watch We are a newspaper.’s Newest TikTok Videos

Twitch Streamer

Yogscast Kim

Yogscast Kim, a member of the Yogscast group, is a Twitch streamer to watch if you’re looking to just relax and zone out. Kim’s channel focuses on a spectrum of story-driven and indie games – some of her more popular videos are her Animal Crossing streams. However, being an avid horror fan, Kim also divulges in games like Silent Hill and Little Nightmares.

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