SAE students showcase creative music projects

05 Apr 2017

Students undertaking the SAE’s Advanced Specialised Project module have been working around the clock in preparation for their in-house showcase this evening.

Minjun Baek, Natalie Scott, Vidur Hans and Joseph Knight will all be exhibiting their work with the programme including: a high-quality homemade headphone amp, a carefully penned "Oxford Music Scene Directory", a revolutionary new smart poster system and a 3D audio installation.

“Preparation has been absolutely full on for the majority of us,” said second-year Vidur Hans.

“From idea generation to final exhibition, we have all had a great deal of self-guided research and individual work to do. But it has been incredibly rewarding, in terms of experience.”

“I think I can speak for everyone when I say, that we shall all be thankful for the ASP module for introducing us to a self-guided project format and for preparing us for our Major Projects, which work in a similar way, on a larger scale.”

Students hope their ideas will be translated through their specialised projects, which will be dotted around the Oxford campus from 5:30pm onwards.

Advanced Specialised Project Programme

  1. Minjun Baek - DIY Headphone Amplifier
  2. Natalie Scott - "Oxford Music Scene Directory"  - A guide for local and aspiring musicians.
  3. Vidur Hans - NFC "Smart Posters" advertising concept
  4. Joseph Knight - Audio Drama Showcase for Mental Illness Awareness

For more information visit the exhibition Facebook page.