Naomi Weaver

Campus Support Technician
Don't ever make decisions based on fear. Make decisions based on hope and possibility. - Michelle Obama


Naomi started her SAE journey in 2017 after enrolling into a Digital Film Production course at SAE Oxford. After successfully completing the course, Naomi secured a position as a student support technician. Naomi has worked with students providing both academic and pastoral support in both primary and higher education settings. She was also responsible for maintaining the film equipment and delivering workshops to teach students how to use the film equipment to achieve the best results.

Naomi has a wealth of experience with student engagement, one to one support for students with a wide range of needs. She has demonstrated that she is able to provide quality first personalised tutoring sessions, enabling students to improve their confidence, understanding, achievement and self-development skills in all areas of film and content creation.

Due to her passion for her subject Naomi decided to complete a master’s degree in film, the focus of her study was audience responses to trauma in films and how it affects the audience psychologically.

Naomi’s skills and talent have enabled her to engage in numerous freelance projects including cinematography through production of music videos and commercial shoots. Post-production & film editing for short films and documentaries. Photography and production of live sporting events, live lounges, and wedding’s. Through her freelancing Naomi has been able to deepen her understanding of film through engaging a range of industry experts.


Naomi’s passion for film production and SAE saw her return to join the Leamington Spa campus team as a film CST. As she enjoys all elements of film making and content creation, Naomi is excited at the prospect of sharing her passion and skills with students and developing their knowledge and love of film.


Naomi Weaver has completed the following qualifications:
BA (Hons) Digital Film Production SAE Institute Oxford
MA Professional Practice in Creative Media Industries SAE Institute
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