Jake Astbury
Digital Film Production Lecturer
BA (Hons) - Central & St. Martins
MA with Distinction – Glyndwr University

Please tell us about your background in Film and what route you took to get where you are today:

I graduated in 1996 from Central St. Martins in fine art film and video. Soon after my career kick started with a commission for a short dance film on 16mm for Pulse Dance theatre company. In 1997 I joined a London based production company and by 2001 I was heading the post production department with clients including: MTV, BBC, Channel Four, Columbia Pictures, Paramount Picture, Endemol and Granada as well as celebrity clients including Paul McCartney, Paul Weller, Stephen Fry, Ricky Gervais, Hugh Laurie, Jude Law and Rowan Atkinson. Parallel to my career in post-production I maintained a freelance career as a Director of Photography with clients such as Nike, Channel Four, Yorkshire Television, Granada, Amnesty International and Stylorouge. I also toured with The Corrs as a camera operator and technical advisor for the live show recordings for their last tour and film All the Way Home.  

I am also an independent filmmaker. My films have been screened in the UK and International film festivals and galleries including London, Cardiff, New York, Milan, Athens, Sweden, Portland Oregon and Sydney. I continue to practice as a D.O.P and Filmmaker.

What excites you about passing on your knowledge and expertise to the next generation?

I have always valued the teaching he received as a young student and in his professional career by more seasoned practitioners. I continue this tradition of film professionals passing on their knowledge to a future generation.

Which directors working in the past and present inspire you?

David Lynch, Claire Denis, Stanley Kubrick and Maya Deren.

Favourite camera to shoot on and why?

I utilise a number of cameras and formats in his work including the: A-Cam Super-16mm, the Red Dragon, Canon 1014XLS, the Black Magic Cinema camera and the clockwork Bolex RX H16.

Please list projects you have worked on outside of SAE and any publications:

2015 – Girl Draws Gun – (Feature, UK, Colour / B/W, 2:35.1, SD, HD, Super-8, 8mm)
2014 – Clockwork, Centaurides, Crotch 1 & 2, Mouth – (UK, B/W, 16.9, HD) - DYAD project (in collaboration with Tatge & Steele)
2014: Angeland - (Feature, UK, Colour, 16.9, HD) -currently in Post Production
2014: Police State – (UK, Colour / B/W, 2:35.1, HD)
2013: Ob/Serv/Ant/Master/Pieces – (UK, Colour, 16.9, HD)
2012: New York, London, Monroe – (UK, Colour / B/W, 16.9, HD, 16mm)
2012: The Interior – (UK, Colour, 16.9, HD) - remade in
2012 as part of Deep State - Mirza/But- ler
2012: Resolution – (Feature, UK, Colour / B/W, 2:35.1, HD, Super-8, Mini-DV, 16mm
2012: Gabriel in Disguise - The Astburys - (Feature, UK, B/W, 16.9, HD)
2012: 24 Lines - The Astburys – (Feature, UK, Colour, 16.9, HD)
2011: Crossing Through – (UK, B/W, Graphic Animation)
2011: For Claude – (UK, B/W, 16.9, Graphic Animation)
2011: Ex Stasis – (UK, B/W / Colour, 2:35.1, Graphic Animation)
2011: Day Will Fall – (Feature, UK, Colour, B/W, 2:35.1, HD, Super-8, Mini-DV, 16mm
2010: After You’ve Gone - The Astburys – (UK, B/W, 16.9, HDV)
2009: some parts are missing - The Astburys – (UK, B/W, 16.9, Graphic Animation)
2009: Future Document – (UK, B/W, Colour, 2:35.1, Super-8, 8mm, Mini-DV)
2009: Ringmaster, My Sister - The Astburys – (Uk, Colour, 4:3, Super-8)
2008: A Model Artist – The Astburys – (UK, Colour, 4:3, Mini-DV, Super-8)
2008: Morning Suits - The Astburys – (UK, Colour, 2:35.1, Mini-DV)
2008: “Not Alice” - The Astburys – (UK, B/W, Graphic Animation)
2007: Autochrome – (Feature, UK, Colour, B/W, 2:35.1, Mini-DV)
2006: Girl – (Feature, UK, B/W, Colour, 2:35.1, Mini-DV, Super-8, Graphic Animation)
2006: Terror 1 – (UK, Colour, 16:9, Mini-DV)
2005: Nunchaku – (UK, B/W / Colour, 2:35.1, Mini-DV / Super-8)
2003: Chancery Lane – (UK, B/W, 4:3, 16mm)
2002: Camera Crushing – (UK, B/W, 4:3, Super-8)
2002: Boxer II – (UK, B/W, 4:3, 16mm)
2001: Boxer with Flowers – (UK, B/W, 2:35.1, Super-8)
2000: Poster Girl – (US, Colour, 4:3, Super-8)
1999: New York Jungle – (US, B/W, 4:3, Super-8)
1998: Dream II – (UK, Colour, 4:3, Super-8)
1998: The Other Life – (UK, Colour, 4:3, Super-8)
1998: Girl with a Movie Camera – (UK, B/W, 4:3, 16mm)
1997: Step and Movement – (UK, B/W, 4:3, 16mm)
1996: Terror London – (UK, Colour, 4:3 Hi8mm)
1995: Extant – (UK, Colour, 4:3, 16mm)
1994: Animate – (UK, Colour, 4:3, Slides / 16mm)
1993: Perpetual Motion – (UK, Colour, 4:3, S-VHS)