SAE students take on 48-Hour Film challenge

SAE 48 Hour Film Challenge

Congratulations to SAE students at our Liverpool campus from the Film Production, Audio Production and Content Creation programmes who came together to take on the 48-Hour Film challenge. 

The competition was organised as part of the BBC’s Bring the Drama initiative to give students on different degrees the opportunity to get creative, collaborate and work alongside each other to brief. 

More than 30 students were involved and took on different roles – these included Producer, Director, Director of Photography, First-Assistant Director and Editor. Audio Production students completed on-set recording and post production areas such as foley, composition and audio mastering. Other students facilitated creating behind the scenes content for the different projects.

Carl Copeland, Senior Lecturer at SAE Liverpoolsaid: “My fellow lecturers and I set a theme of ‘Discovery’, with the aim of creating a short film of no longer than five-minutes.”

“Here, the students engaged in developing the script, filming it and completing the post-production within the 48-hour period. I’m delighted with how the students were able to fulfil the brief and get the entries in on schedule.”

SAE 48-Hour Film Challenge

The theme was used to get a broad range of ideas for the two completed projects. The first – called F*.ck Youfocused on the fractured relationship between father and daughter as the parent refuses to allow her to pursue her musical passion. The second – Distilled – riffs on classic thrillers as a man looks to uncover what happened to his murdered wife. 

SAE 48 Hour Film Challenge

Carl said: “Both projects engaged the local community and we worked with professional actors who gave up their free time to collaborate with the students. Moreover, local businesses provided their venues for students to film the projects which was invaluable.”  

SAE 48 Hour Film Challenge

Student Sallyann Morgan was Director on F*.ck You and led the team on the creation of the short film. She was behind the writing of the script and bringing the team together, delegating tasks and responsibilities to ensure the deadline was reached.

Commenting on her experiences, Sally said: “I found it to be a perfect challenge, one that allowed my creativity to flow while also pushing me to stay on the desired target of completing the film.” 

“I learned that I have been neglecting my past projects from collaborating and discovered that working with students from other courses is beneficial for both parties. I can guarantee you I will no longer be having sound issues on my projects now that I have found amazing people in the audio department!” 

“Socialising with people I had never had the chance to work with was an amazing part of the experience too as you see their hard work and their passion for their craft. It pushes you to work harder as you’re surrounded by such positive energy and intelligent minds – your creativity cannot help but flourish.”

SAE 48 Hour Film Challenge

Student Paul Mackow was tasked with working as a Producer on the film, Distilled. 

He was behind organising the audio team, assigning roles, initiating discussions on potential sound elements as well as establishing effective communication channels between all crew members. 

SAE 48-Hour Film Challenge 6

Commenting on the challenge, Paul said: “The experience was genuinely exceptional, pushing each of us to our limits and emphasising the importance of prioritisation and focus. It was a profound learning opportunity, highlighting the significance of cross-departmental collaboration in film production.”

“Engaging with different teams allowed me to gain insights into various aspects of filmmaking, enriching my understanding of the craft. I firmly believe in the continuous process of learning, and each collaboration offered invaluable lessons.” 

Lectures Stephen Bell and Richard Weston also advised on the films with the latter sourcing actors. F*.ck You featured Kevin Chappell, Phillipa Glarvey and Eleanor Thompson while Distilled included Ben Longthorne and Nora Marzk.

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