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SAE is delighted to be hosting a stage at this year’s Sound City event in Liverpool. 

Rock band Red Coven, led by our Music Business student Sophie Ekins, is one of the emerging acts performing

Sophie is studying our Music Business course while releasing music as the main songwriter behind the group. Red Coven has recently released a new track, Broken Mirror Glass and received support from BBC Music Introducing.  

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You can get to know Red Coven’s music in our interview with Sophie ahead of this year’s Sound City festival on 4th and 5th May. 

How did you first get into music? 

My older sister was gifted a guitar and I stole it from her! She taught me my first three chords but I fell in love with it and kept playing. 

This sounds like such a cliche but probably Nirvana were one of the first bands I really got into back then. 

What led you to study at SAE? 

I was at another university studying music performance and had come to the realisation that it wasn’t for me. I felt like I wasn’t gaining too much from it, then a friend told me about SAE. I went on an Audio Production tour, met Music Business Lecturer Duncan Lewis, and he inadvertently convinced me to study the Music Business degree instead. When he told me about the course, I realised it was what I was looking for. 

Were you already active in Liverpool’s music scene? 

Yes, I’ve been in bands for the past four years and gigging for quite a while. I’m already engaged in the local scene which is really how I found out about the course. 

Do you have any favourite venues to play in liverpool? 

The Zanzibar and Round the Corner are my favourites. I always enjoy playing Round the Corner, it’s relatively new and has a great sense of community around it too. Other venues are good but Round the Corner really champions grassroots talent. 

Sophie Etkins SAE band

How are you approaching the course at SAE? 

It’s been great to get knowledge as a musician but I’ve been event organising for some time so it informs that too. I like the control and independence it gives me to promote my own shows. 

How have you found your time at SAE so far? 

It’s been great, learning how contracts work has been particularly beneficial. Since joining the course, I’ve had one put in front of me and had the knowledge to make an informed decision on it. Then learning how the industry actually works is really useful. Now I feel I’m wrapping my head around the industry as a whole.

Also, as a musician, you need to be more than just good at your instrument and expect to succeed. You have to be a jack of all trades – be a manager, marketing expert, do social media – the industry has really changed. 

What are the best platforms to find an audience?

TikTok is the best for making new fans. On Instagram you’re only reaching a small proportion of your followers when you post. On TikTok, the majority of people seeing your content aren’t your followers, so every time you post, you will be exposed to a bigger audience. It can be easier to go viral on there and engage with new fans. 

Sophie Ekins SAE

What projects are you working on?

I released a track with Red Coven very recently. I’ve also been in SAE recording with some audio students after taking part in the Bring the Drama challenge. It’s got me close with students from different courses and we’re all planning on collaborating now. 

What does playing Sound City mean to you?

When I was offered the gig, I was made up, especially from being Merseyside. Everyone here knows what a big deal Sound City is. I’m really happy to be playing it, it’s very prestigious in the city. 

What are your future plans?

I write songs for Red Coven, that’s my creative outlet. As much as I love playing music of all kinds, I want my own music to be something and grow. With the course, if an opportunity comes from it, I’m going to take it. I want to learn and develop and anything that helps, that’s brilliant.

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Look out for the band performing at SAE’s stage at Sound City.

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