Yamaha Nuage System installed at SAE London

12 Dec 2017

Through an exciting new initiative between SAE, Yamaha and Steinberg, we have just had the company’s state-of-the-art Nuage system installed at our SAE London campus. Our London audio students will now have access to the advanced post-production controller system, further enabling their ability to learn vital skills that are directly applicable to the audio industry.

This valuable partnership has also seen the system installed in our other campuses across Europe such as Milan, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Hannover, with more campuses to join the list in due course.

Nuage is Yamaha’s advanced post-production controller system for Steinberg Nuendo, the professional DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) used for cinema and TV post production, as well as game sound and music. Nuage can also be used to control Pro Tools, making it a very flexible system for enhancing engineer workflows in a number of different areas of the industry. Based on Dante audio networking, the system literally opens a whole new world of opportunities.

“Being a manufacturer in the professional audio industry makes you constantly aware that the market needs highly skilled people, who know their trade and are familiar with current technologies,” says Christoph Hartwig, Product Manager for Music and Post Production at Yamaha Music Europe. “What we are providing is more than a typical industry-educator partnership. Yamaha and Steinberg are actively supporting SAE by providing insights on use cases and developments in pro audio, which are not necessarily only related to our own products.

“Working closely with SAE, providing our experience and knowledge, is an opportunity we welcome. At the same time it is a learning experience for us, because working with teachers and learners is always inspiring.”

Freddy Elturk, Global Head of Technology - SAE Global commented on our important partnership:

“This partnership opportunity is really valuable for our talented up-and-coming students as they can develop their skills further with the support of Yamaha and Steinberg. When there's collaboration, great things can be achieved and delivered to our valuable students.”

We are delighted to have the support of Yamaha and Steinberg, who will no doubt provide our students with invaluable knowledge, skills and insights that will enhance their learning experience tremendously.

Click here to read the Yamaha press release