World leading motion capture firm visits SAE

21 Oct 2016

One of the industry's leading motion capture innovators visited SAE Oxford last week, getting students animated with their latest 3D tracking technology.

Xsens, who have worked with NASA, on major video games like FIFA, and have helped produce films like Batman v Superman, came to demonstrate their new motion capture suits.

Remco Sikkema from Xsens said it was a great opportunity to show off their new sensor fusion technology, which is touted as one of the world’s best. 


Giving a hands-on demonstration right in the classroom really shows students the strength of the Xsens system.



With the suits able to capture human body motion without the need for external emitters or cameras, students were able to be instantly transformed into 3D characters. "Due to the ease-of-use of the system, we can give students the opportunity to focus on the creative process without having to go through time-consuming technical training. This is important, as we realise institutes like SAE have the challenge to teach the latest technology in a short period of time."

Students also learnt how the revolutionary equipment is being used to transform the creative industries. For example, London’s Royal Shakespeare Company have employed the full-body suits for their groundbreaking adaptation of The Tempest.

Celebrating Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary, the theatre company is seeking to transform its lead actors into animated characters - something famously used in films and games, but never on stage or in real-time.

Speaking about the project Remco explained, “The play brings together the latest in motion capture technology and one of the oldest performing arts to build a new creative performance.” He said the suits were also used to help animate Tim Burton’s $110 million fantastical oddity Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, which recently topped a crop of new releases to take out the box office.