Workshop with Leroy Kincaide on working with actors

    About workshop

    In his workshop Leroy Kincaide demonstrated how to professionally and efficiently work with actors in order to get the best performance for your film. Covering different stages, from rehearsals to production Leroy gave tips and revealed techniques for communicating the needs of the script and your directorial vision to the actors and securing a safe and productive environment so that everyone and everything is at their top-notch for when you finally say “ACTION!” 

    About Leroy

    Leroy has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 15 years, with experience both on stage and behind the camera, with credits ranging from WWE, ITV, BBC and more.

    As one of the UK’s top professional Wrestlers for over 10 years, Leroy’s experience on stage transcends into his love for acting and film directing. Wanting to express his creativity through storytelling, Leroy founded Nocturnal Pictures to bring his creative visions and ideas to life through motion pictures.

    Having written and directed a variety of Award winning short films, Leroy's most recent project, a fan-film based on the computer game MAX PAYNE, has gone on to gain critical acclaim and industry recognition, thus becoming the fans’ official film of the game.