Web student Sufiyan Sidat creates site to teach computer science

17 Nov 2020

We caught up with SAE Liverpool Web student Sufiyan Sidat who has channelled his passion for education into designing a website to teach computer science for his Major Project. We caught up with him to learn a bit more about the project and his long term career goals. 

What inspired you to create a website to teach computer science?

In the future, I want to be a teacher, to be an educator in computer science has always been my dream. Computer science is the future of our world and for future generations to learn to program they need computer science teachers.

Why was it important for you to incorporate different learning styles e.g. kinesthetic, auditory, visual, and written learning?

People learn differently. I learn visually and I have no idea how people learn in written format. I could never do it. In a classroom, it’s a lot easier to teach in different ways to teach different children. However, on the web you will find, information is always presented in a similar format. This is what I wanted to try and tackle and see if it can be done differently.

What UI/UX techniques have you used and how have you applied them?

Techniques were difficult to incorporate, one thing I was very focused on was accessibility to include all students from all areas. I incorporated a system for colour blind and people who need a visual aid. This system helped to see more clearly on the site and assist in written learning. Along with everything I learned at SAE about heuristics and web design all these techniques were applied. I have come a long way comparing my first ever website to my final project. So I thank SAE for that.

How has the course at SAE prepared you for this project?

SAE has been amazing from the beginning. I joined this university very spontaneously and everything I learnt with Zahra and all the other teachers has given me the confidence and technical capability to produce content in my case a website through which I can communicate to an audience.

What has been a challenge you’ve encountered during this project and how have you overcome it?

My challenge was how to not make this like every other educational website. The web is full of education which is why I focused on my niche of different learning styles.

How have you been affected by Covid-19 - how have you found the temporary shift to online teaching?

Covid has been quite difficult for me. I was supposed to be doing my postgraduate but because of the final marking board being shifted to November I was not able to start my course in due time, however, I have applied again and I have my interview coming up shortly.

What are your long-term career goals within the Web industry?

For now, I want to teach and use my knowledge to educate children. In the industry, I may join the industry again one day but for now, I am focused on teaching the subject I have spent learning for the past two years.