Talking technically with SAE London Web student Tracey Pearson

13 Dec 2019

We caught up with SAE London Web Development student Tracey Pearson to see what great work she’s been creating as part of the Interactive Design module, and find out her long term ambitions within the technology sector. 

What have you been working on in class lately?

I’ve been working on a marketing strategy for a horse riding stables, and a project management app.

What’s your favourite module that you’ve undertaken so far?

WBD4400 Interactive Design. I really enjoyed making an animated logo for a taxi firm. It had a car driving across the screen following a road, and it included car engine sounds, and an animated list of towns and villages that the firm covered.









What is it that first attracted you to the Web course at SAE?

I had always said that I wanted to gain a degree by the time I was 50, and when I first started looking at options for a Web Development degree, I came across SAE and the option to do the complete degree over two years sounded appealing. Once I came to visit on an open day and talked to Peter Hudson (Director of Marketing and Recruitment), it confirmed that enrolling with SAE was the right route for me to take.

Do you have any ideas as to what direction you’d like to focus on for your Major Project next year?

I’m thinking about adding a members only area of my riding stables website, offering some kind of exclusive content, however this is still up in the air at the moment, as I’m also considering doing something completely from scratch.

Are you working on any projects outside of class at the moment?

I am working with the horse riding stables to make improvements to the initial website that I developed for WBD5300.

Do you have any advice to students looking to embark on the Web course at SAE - is there any work they should do beforehand?

The best advice I can offer is really consider if you have the time to devote to doing any degree over two years, instead of the normal three or four at other universities. You need to be very organised, and not afraid to ask any questions as the pace of the degree means you could get left behind very easily if you are struggling.

Do you have any idea what area of the technology sector you would like to work in upon graduating?

I am hoping to work from home once I finish, developing websites and apps.