Students level up their music production with use of Education & Bass learning platform

19 Dec 2019

In October, SAE UK announced that it was partnering with Education & Bass, an online learning platform. 

The partnership gives students access to a range of online courses and lectures relating to music production, delivered by active DJs and qualified teachers. 

The platform supplements the teaching that SAE students receive from our practicing creative staff, and can help them focus their production techniques within specific sub-genres of music. 

We spoke to some of the Audio Production students who signed up to use the service to see what they think of it so far. 

SAE Oxford student Tom Campbell, who creates music under the moniker ‘Super T’, said: “I have had a look at some of the tutorials on Education & Bass and I have found them very insightful, easy to follow and engaging. I think it’s a great platform for people of all levels of music production from beginner to advanced. They offer great feedback on your music with the paid subscription and are involved with various record labels to promote your music. I would highly recommend Education and Bass to anyone interested in electronic music production.”

Fellow SAE Oxford student Sam Deeley said: “The videos are cool - I’ve only watched a couple but will definitely watch more.” 

The platform’s resources and support are reinforced by its founders who have decades of active experience in the music industry and education system. 

Founder/Director Andrew Ferguson performs under the moniker Nomine (aka Outrage), and has had a varied career, working as an international DJ, music producer, record label owner, teacher and entrepreneur. 

Raff Di Renzo (Nurve) is the platform’s Content & Partnerships Manager, and has toured across the world and released on multiple record labels, including his own label, M.U.D. 

Together they’ve created a great resource and we’re really glad that SAE students are enjoying using it.

Students looking to access the Education & Bass platform can get more information about how to sign up via Moodle.