Students get inspired at storytelling masterclass

18 May 2017

SAE students were inspired by Flore Cosquer from the Scottish Documentary Institute (SDI) this week, at a special film masterclass held at our Glasgow campus.

Flore, who has most recently produced a series of documentaries as part of Bridging the Gap and This is Scotland, moved to the UK in 2010 after working for years as a Production Manager in France. Before joining SDI, she also spent time travelling Libya, Palestine and Morocco where she exec-produced 14 short documentaries.

Glasgow student Rachel Walker said she found the Project Manager and Producer’s masterclass fascinating:

“While observing the short documentaries I gained a mindful insight into how important characters are and their journey is.”

“Another important aspect that I enjoyed learning was how documentaries are made; they require a fine eye to detail as basically every choice you make, whether it be the lighting, shot type or sound, will ultimately change the perspective on the subject itself.”

Flore was also impressed with the level of talent in the room, inviting students to join The Edinburgh Pitch - an acclaimed international pitching forum with film industry leaders.