Students get a 360° look at a career in audio

17 Mar 2017

For the second time this year, established filmmakers have descended on SAE’s London campus to interview one of our talented audio lecturers. This time it wasn’t the BBC visiting, but a professional crew hired by Prospect UK, who came to interview expert mentor and live sound engineer Mike Hill about why he loves his job.

“We are here today at SAE to film a 360° video about live sound engineering. So these videos are made for Prospects which is a career advice service. Prospects work closely with the UK government to encourage kids to start thinking about their dream careers and what subjects they are passionate about,” said director Mark Howarth.

“This video we are filming with today with SAE lecturer Mike Hill will be viewed on VR headsets by kids aged 13 to 19. It is essentially for them to consider a career in sound engineering, which has been linked with the subjects maths, science and obviously music.”

However as Mike explained, you don’t need to be passionate about all those subjects to gain access to the industry.

“There are a lot of roles within live sound and audio in general. Some are more technical based, so a systems engineer who sets up a PA system will need to know maths and physics to a tee. If you are a monitor engineer, you need to have a musical connection with the artist onstage - so that’s more knowledge of music and knowledge of mixing. There are all sorts of potential jobs in audio with all sorts of skillsets.”

Mike also spoke openly about what he loves most about being a live sound engineer.

“There is this moment right before the artists comes on stage, when the lights go down and the crowd comes alive - I just get this buzz. I’ve been doing the job for quite some time now and I still get it.”

If you’re thinking about a career in audio, why not come to an SAE Open Day where you can chat with lecturers like Mike Hill and learn more about what careers our students have go on to do.