Sound Design short course alumnus Alex Over releases new music

17 Feb 2021

SAE London Sound Design for Creative Media short course student Alex Over has released a series of new music. 


At the end of 2020, Alex released ‘Airing’ and ‘Dash’. 'Airing’ consists of a soft start, melodic teasers, and develops into a rustic drum programme at a faster pace. It's a journey of changes. 'Dash' follows a slightly different approach through a similar concept. The track transports you through its never-ending arpeggiator, build up and cinematic twist.

Alex has a range of influences from over the years, from the club scene, festivals, to film music. This EP is the first release from a backlog of completed works with more self releases to follow. Alex said: “Throughout 2020, I spent a lot of time making music for a particular music library. Just in line with when I started the Sound Design course at SAE, that 12-week course inspired me, it enhanced my skill set to think about sound in a completely different way, precisely what I needed, to be honest. At the same time, I had set up my new studio space, and the environment was just right. A lot of the stuff leading up to this release was a lot of remix work, but it ultimately provided me with a new outlook so when I came to make this EP, this was the result of it. It's very unconventional but just how I like it.” 

Alex said: “This EP is both a sequel and the beginning of many. Inspired by the ongoing developments within discovery far and wide across space and beyond, it features original samples from NASA, incredibly well-captured important moments. I wanted, and have done for some time, to create various pieces of music which have a heavy sound design element. I am very much inspired by films I have watched over the years and how music, of course, connects us in so many ways. Simple but effective. I hope this can resonate with you as it did with me.” 

Alex continued: “It was so much fun to make, I literally love the thought of space and wonders of it, so to take these samples and create it in many ways with my spin was fun. I just went with it, thought about the context of what they were saying to showcase this musically. It was a mixture of samples I had recorded and used within the project, using some of the new techniques I learnt in Sound Design.” 

Alex is not the only person at SAE to have been inspired by out-of-this-world soundscapes; SAE Glasgow Audio Production lecturer Craig Hamilton created a musical exploration of the Cassini space mission to Saturn

Alex released 'Preliminary' at the end of January, too. It's part of his monthly giveaway if you sign up to the newsletter. Alex has also released a new collective called Perpetual Collective, and is currently looking for new and current artists to get involved. Alex said: “There is no particular pigeon hole in style, we also want diversity within moving forward.”

If you’re interested in getting involved, you can reach out via the website

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