SAE UK launches mentoring platform to connect students with graduate community

04 Oct 2020

SAE UK has launched SAE UK Alumni Connect, a brand new alumni/student mentoring platform hosted by the company Graduway. 

The platform has been launched as a response to the current pandemic, to help connect our graduate and student community to help them professionally and academically. 

SAE UK Alumni Connect has only been live for a couple of weeks and there has already been a good uptake, including members willing to offer help to their peers. 

SAE UK & South West Europe General Manager and Managing Director Steffan Davies said: “The SAE alumni community is an amazing resource, and a unique part of the SAE offer. With over 15,000 members worldwide there are lots of opportunities for connection and collaboration. Especially in the current climate, these connections are taking place digitally which means physical location doesn’t have to be a barrier to getting advice and guidance from experts who really know their stuff. Looking at the platform I can see lots of our award-winning graduates have signed up, so it’s great to see that they are prepared to give back to students and other alumni in earlier stages of their careers. I would encourage all students and alumni to sign up and make the most of this fantastic resource.” 

How does the mentorship scheme work? 

Within the platform, students or alumni are able to seek the advice and support of an SAE graduate through mentoring. 

Mentors and mentees are matched based on what they are able to provide e.g. CV advice, interview coaching, as well as what they are looking to get out of the relationship. 

Before you seek out a mentor, make sure you’ve read our handy ‘Tips on being a mentor/mentee’ and ‘SAE Mentoring FAQs’

What else does the platform offer? 

This platform will also enable SAE to communicate relevant content to the student and alumni community, such as events, employment and training opportunities and news from the creative industries, with plans for a regular newsletter sent via the platform.  

Our first newsletter was sent last week. It featured a combination of internships, part time roles that would be viable alongside studies at SAE, entry level positions for recent graduates, as well as experience-needed roles for those who have been working in the creative media industries for some time.

Sounds great - how do I sign up? 

The sign up process is very simple and users can connect with the platform via email, Facebook or LinkedIn. The more information users share with the platform, the better the experience will be.  

Sign up here: