SAE UK hosts ‘Tea and Talk’ events to coincide with World Mental Health Day on 10 October

09 Oct 2019

SAE UK will be hosting a number of ‘Tea & Talk’ events to coincide with World Mental Health Day on 10 October, which we hope will raise awareness and facilitate frank and open conversations about mental wellbeing. 

SAE Liverpool are having a cake sale at 11.00am. SAE Oxford are hosting a quiz from 1.00pm, with the proceeds donated towards the Mental Health Foundation. SAE London will host a cake sale from 5.00pm, which takes place before an SAE Extra masterclass with Nat Powers, who will be talking about wellbeing in the music industry. SAE Glasgow will be hosting a Tea, Tunes and Talk session from 10.00am. 

These events are a chance to come and talk to your fellow students and support staff in a relaxed, friendly environment, and pick up resources relating to mental health. 

Adam Lowe, Student Experience Manager at SAE UK, said: “At SAE, we value the mental health of our students as an integral part of their student experience. It is important we recognise these important days and play our part in bringing awareness and promoting an open environment for discussions regarding mental health, as we should be comfortable discussing these topics to ensure we provide the correct guidance.”






The World Federation for Mental Health has organised World Mental Health Day, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health. The event is supported by the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Association for Suicide Prevention, and United for Global Mental Health.

The focus of World Mental Health day this year is suicide prevention. The World Federation for Mental Health wishes to draw attention to the shocking statistic that every 40 seconds, someone loses their life to suicide. These deaths have a ripple effect that impacts on families, friends, colleagues, communities and societies - and they are entirely preventable, if people only had access to the resources they need to combat the thoughts and feelings that lead to suicide. 

The creative industries have been particularly affected by individuals who have lost their life to suicide; the music industry has lost artists such as Keith Flint, Tim Bergling (Avicii), and Amy Winehouse, whilst the film industry has lost great actors such as Robin Williams. 

The WFMH is an international membership organisation, established in 1948, to advance amongst all peoples and nations, the prevention of mental and emotional disorders, the proper treatment and care of those with such disorders, and the promotion of mental health. 

If you are in immediate danger please contact 999 - the UK emergency services. If you feel you need to speak to a medical professional then notify a member of the Student Experience Team as soon as possible and we will help you find the appropriate medical help. 

NHS 111 is much more than a helpline – if you're worried about a medical concern, you can call 111 to speak to a fully trained adviser.

Find out more about the World Federation for Mental Health here.

Download resources to improve your mental wellbeing here