SAE takes part in University Mental Health Day 2021

03 Mar 2021

University Mental Health Day falls on Thursday 4 March, and brings together the higher education community to make mental health an institution-wide priority and create ongoing year-round change to the future of student mental health.

Mental health support is taken seriously at SAE, with each UK campus having a dedicated student experience team who help students who may be experiencing difficulties due to their mental health. SAE also provides students with free access to Togetherall, a 24/7 anonymous online mental health service. 

This University Mental Health Day, SAE is inviting students to spread words of positivity and support via a virtual whiteboard. SAE last used a virtual whiteboard as part of our World Kindness Initiative in 2020, and it was really encouraging to see students come together to spread joy despite the ongoing situation with COVID-19. 

SAE students will also be able to access Student Minds resources via Campus Online. 

Student Experience Manager Adam Lowe said: “This year has been the perhaps the most challenging situation collectively we have had to face. Being locked down and isolated can lead to the deterioration of mental health and now more than ever we need to be taking measures to improve our wellbeing and also maintain it. That said, the stigma around mental health continues and that is why it is so important for higher education providers like SAE to show their support and raise awareness for University Mental Health Day. Through our virtual whiteboard, we want to spread positive messages and open up genuine discussions around the topic of mental health, which will hopefully transcend SAE and into everyday life.” 

SAE UK and SWEu General Manager & Managing Director Steffan Davies said: “It’s important that higher education providers like SAE recognise their role in facilitating open and honest conversations about mental health, and that students know there are places they can turn if they are struggling.” 

Especially in the current climate, everyone is finding it difficult and may be suffering with loneliness or feeling like they are unable to switch off from work because they are learning in the same space that they relax. 

SAE has put together this list of top tips for remote working which may also help you make sure you are set up in the best way possible. 

Find out more about University Mental Health Day here.