SAE Oxford student chosen to attend the Airbit Academy Music Producer Retreat

22 Aug 2018

SAE Oxford Audio student Joe Grain has been selected by SAE to attend the Airbit Academy Music Producer Retreat.

Held in a lavish mansion in the beautiful countryside of Somerset, the Airbit Academy Music Producer Retreat will take place from 2 - 6 September. Joe will get the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people, learn from in depth masterclasses and get mentored by successful producers such as Tone Jonez and the DopeBoyz.

“I decided to apply because it looked like an all round great and fun experience with the opportunity to learn and improve on my production skills, and to develop new ideas and work with new people.”Speaking about the retreat, Joe said:

Joe got into producing just over five years ago when he decided to drop out of his college course and start studying Music Technology at Witney College.

“From there I really fell in love with the creation of music and it was then that I realised that music was the path for me,” he tells us. “My love for Hip Hop and the beats behind it was one of my main reasons for becoming a producer - listening to people like Kanye West, Jay Z and Nas, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.”

Having experimented with many different genres of music, Joe is inspired by the likes of James Blake, Tom Misch, Kanye West and Frank Ocean, who are accountable for providing the foundations for so many of his ideas.

“For me the enjoyment is the freedom that comes with making music, there is so much room for creativity and new ideas. I believe the key to being a good producer is to be open minded to new ideas and genres, and it’s the exploration into these new unknowns that really brings excitement and the opportunity to improve your skills as a producer.”

Joe started out producing Hip Hop and gradually opened up his horizons to new styles of music which includes Electronic, Downtempo, Ambient and Guitar. His music is already attracting attention too, with one of his projects produced at SAE played on BBC Radio Oxford’s ‘Introducing’ segment. The Airbit Retreat is therefore a fantastic platform for him to deepen his knowledge, experiment further and even learn the business side of being a producer, especially as Joe has a growing online following on his Facebook page.

On finding out he had been chosen to attend the retreat, Joe said:

“I felt a mixture of shock and excitement, I had to read the email about five times before i believed it. After it sunk in, I was very excited and eager to get going, and I’ve started counting down the days.”

Founder of Airbit and SAE graduate Wasim Khamlichi said: “We’re really happy to have partnered with SAE to give one of their lucky students the opportunity to join us at the retreat. Congratulations to Joe for winning the place, we are excited to have him on board. He is the right kind of talent we are looking for to join the other pool of talented producers attending the retreat. Thanks to SAE for providing this opportunity.”

Event Organiser Loubna Khamlichi said: “Having listened to Joe's music, we are really excited that he has been chosen to join us on this exciting retreat - he's clearly a true talent.  Joe will have the opportunity to collaborate with producers from all over the world, as well learn from mentors who make six figures a year from online beat selling; not to mention getting to stay in a mansion for 5 days!  Thank you to SAE Institute UK for offering him the opportunity to take part in this unique event.”

With just a matter of weeks until Joe heads to the retreat, what is he most looking forward to?

“I am most looking forward to collaborations with different producers and to share different ideas and learn new approaches to production. The house looks awesome too and will be a nice little break away doing what I love. The pool doesn’t look too bad either....”

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