SAE Oxford Film student releases feature film online

07 Jun 2018

SAE Oxford Digital Film Production student Jason Farries has recently released his final major project feature length adaptation of ‘An Inspector Calls’ online for the world to see.

The release of the film is the culmination of over 6 months of work for the Oxfordshire based actor and director which saw him bring together a devoted cast and crew that included fellow SAE students and even members of his own family.


After only a week online, the film which was shot at the beautiful Stratton Audley Park, near Bicester has already exceeded 500 views and Jason now hopes to use the film as an educational tool in secondary schools across the country.

Jason commented:

“An Inspector Calls is a topic in the GCSE curriculum for English and Drama students, and because this is such a true adaptation of the play we think it might be useful to the students’ studies as an easy and entertaining way to ingest the story.”

Making this film was really mad. we had barely any money to make it, everyone contributed their time for free and the resulting product completely exceeded expectations.

I think the key lesson we took away from this project was that you should never doubt your potential. We produced a full feature in 4 months with the smallest amount of money and a rag-tag team of student filmmakers. Honestly, I think the only reason the film was finished and a success was because of the determination of the people on board.”

Jason has already started pre-production on his next feature film that once again will be supported by his fellow SAE students and one which he aims to have completed before Christmas.

“An Inspector Calls was a great jump off point for the team and we want this next film to be bolder and even more successful.” Jason tells us.

Watch the full film: