SAE Oxford: Blake Morton's Fashion Exhibition

08 Aug 2021

"Looking through our lens – visual expression in subculture"

Fashion exhibition by SAE Oxford student, Blake Morton. 

I am a 19-year-old first year music business student and aspiring songwriter.


The Exhibition is about the visual expression in music subcultures and how individuals within them express themselves through their clothing choices, whether as a symbol of their affiliation with their respected subculture, or out of pure individuality.

My inspirations for the exhibition are The Sisters of Mercy, The Ramones, and The Bikini Beach Band.


Each of these artists 1-3 identify with or helped establish the subcultures exhibited (Goth, Punk, Tiki/Surf Noir), successfully utilising the visual element of artist branding to translate their musical style into what can be seen, maximising the artistic impact and controlled atmosphere when in performance.

My favourite style is goth. The traditional goth style is recognisable to all, and the subculture celebrates true poetic sensibility which I feel is beautifully presented in the associated clothing.


The exhibition was only open for one day. This was always going to be the case, due to the spaces involved needing to be used the day after. However, pictures of the event will soon be uploaded to my Instagram account, @Victor3music .