SAE London Web Developer twin tells all about his frontend developer aspirations

30 Jan 2020

We spoke to SAE London student Zoltan Kuti, who is studying Web Development alongside his twin brother, Attila. We spoke to him about the aspects of the course he has enjoyed so far, and some of the creative projects he is working on outside of his studies.  

What have you been working on in class lately?

Lately, I have been working on a custom web application which can be used to browse hotel deals in different countries and make reservations. To build my application on clean, maintainable and reusable code I developed the app based on a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern and I also used Object-Oriented PHP which enabled me to think like I was working with real-life entities.

What’s your favourite module that you’ve undertaken so far? 

I would say WBD5100 - Database & Back-end Development has been my favourite module so far. Even though I am more interested in front-end web development and UX/UI design, I enjoyed working on this module as it was an introduction to server-side programming which I have never done before.

Throughout this module, I designed and developed a user-friendly, interactive and responsive content management system (CMS) with the help of PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS with both frontend and backend environment. The name of the CMS is “Online Course Web” and it focuses on providing online courses on web development and design. The CMS is accessible by two types of users; users who would like to access the courses and learn about web development and by other users who would like to share their knowledge and post courses on the platform.

I believe this module was extremely helpful because it opened my eyes and made me realize that even though back-end development can be extremely difficult, it is also a skill that powers the web and therefore it does worth the time and effort to acquire.

Do you have any ideas as to what direction you’d like to focus on for your Major Project?

I am planning to build an interactive portfolio website to showcase my works and to share information about myself in an engaging and professional way.

What is it that first attracted you to the Web Course at SAE?

In 2014, I decided to join an IT course at Croydon College where my passion for web development was ignited. Since then, I have wanted to make web development my career and progress onto a higher developer position. Working independently outside college and my personal experience with web development not only influenced but also encouraged me to become a skillful member of the web industry so I can create inspiring websites in the future.

I applied for the Web Development Course at SAE because I believed that it will allow me to develop my front-end and back-end developer skills including search engine optimization (SEO) and to learn how to design, publish and maintain my own and others' websites in a more professional and efficient way. I strongly believe that SAE and its amazing lecturers can not only offer me the key skills I need to acquire to become an excellent developer, but they can also improve my career prospects, increase my earning potential and develop my self-confidence, therefore, I can gain independence in different aspects of my career and life.


Are you working on any projects outside of class at the moment? 

At the moment, my brother and I are maintaining two websites we developed for our friends and we are also working on our own websites. In addition, I always try to find some time to learn new web technologies so I can stay up to date as a developer because the web industry is constantly changing.  

Do you have any advice to students looking to embark on the Web course at SAE - is there any work they should do beforehand? 

First and foremost, coding is not hard but it’s not always going to be easy. Coding is like going to the gym, the more you train the better you will get. So, my advice is to be determined, practice every day as much as you can and do not be afraid of making mistakes.

In addition, I would also advise everyone who is looking to join the “web army” to pick a path you would like to take, decide whether you want to do frontend or backend or maybe both and also be familiar with some programming and web development basics such as data types, variables, if/else conditions, HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc.

How have you found the experience of studying alongside your sibling - would you recommend it? 

I would totally recommend it. I have always enjoyed working and studying alongside my twin brother because we can always rely on each other. When it comes to web development, I feel like we complement each other, and we make a great team because he is the back-end guy and I am the front-end guy so when I have questions regarding databases, algorithms or data structures he can help me out. On the other hand, when he is struggling to come up with an appealing and user-friendly interface (design) I can show him some complementary colour combinations, the way he should structure the different sections of an interface and the fonts he should use. 

Do you have any idea what area of the technology sector you would like to work in upon graduating? 

My main goal/aspiration is to get a position where I can further enhance my front-end web developer and designer skills. I am hoping to work in an environment full of creative and talented people who are willing to share their knowledge and work together because building websites collaboratively allows me to think and brainstorm ideas to provide solutions to problems and it has also taught me the importance of equal participation­­­. On the other hand, I have also realized that being able to think independently and analytically is just as crucial as being able to work as a member of a team.

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