SAE London student Kevin Sullivan on working with Grammy award-winning engineer, producer and mixer Chris G. Wilkinson

05 May 2021

We caught up with SAE London Audio Production student Kevin Sullivan to find out more about what drew him to pursue a career as a recording engineer and to learn more about his work with Grammy award-winning engineer, producer and mixer Chris G. Wilkinson, at Fox Den Studios in Sheffield.

What drew you to study Audio Production at SAE?

I have been a musician for quite some time and a few years ago the curiosity of becoming a recording engineer struck my interest. I knew some former students and staff of SAE and understood that it was a great place to further my education and explore everything the audio industry can offer in a most diverse and hands-on way.

Why did you choose SAE London?

After visiting the campus and taking a tour of the studios and facilities I knew this was a place where I could flourish. The staff they have here at SAE London are extremely knowledgeable and the vibe in this part of London was something I really enjoyed during my visit.

What have you been working on in class lately?

I have been working on my dissertation which involves the building of a guitar distortion effects pedal, and also my industry engagement which entails working as a recording engineer at Fox Den Studios in Sheffield.

What has been your favourite part of this module/project?

My favourite part of these modules has been the real experience I have gotten in the field. The opportunity to apply what I have learned at SAE in real life scenarios has been most beneficial to my development. Not only have I been putting my knowledge to good use but also further expanding my portfolio of work.

How have you found learning during COVID-19?

Learning during COVID-19 has been difficult but I welcomed the challenge. In life there are going to be many obstacles you need to navigate in order to become successful and adaptation is a necessary trait one needs to do so. The staff here has done a fantastic job continuing our education and they have made all the changes needed to get us on track with our learning and back in the studios and classrooms.

Are there any creative projects you’re working on outside of SAE that you’d like to tell us about?

For my industry engagement I have been working as a recording engineer under Grammy award-winning engineer, producer and mixer Chris G. Wilkinson at Fox Den Studios up in Sheffield. I have been recording and editing a variety of bands and artists at Fox Den and learning from Chris is an experience I am most grateful for! Besides that I am also making film score music for Guerrilla Digital Productions, a film company based in the United States, and looking forward to playing some live music as a guitarist once venues and gigs open up again.

What are your long-term ambitions within the Audio industry?

My long term ambitions are to further develop myself as a recording engineer, mixing engineer and producer. I like to work with a variety of genres from acoustic and indie rock to hip hop and reggae. I am always looking to discover and record new artists and hope to have a long successful career. There is something especially rewarding in helping artists create and bringing their ideas to reality, something I thoroughly enjoy. Along with the recording side of things I plan to continue as a session player and live musician. I also have a passion for spreading knowledge and teaching audio is something I may want to do down the road as well.

If you could give students at the start of their course one bit of advice, what would it be?

My advice would be that you can not only learn a great deal from the coursework but also from your fellow classmates. The student body here is very diverse in background, age, and experience. I have met some of the most interesting and insightful people here, both staff and students. So don’t judge a book by its cover and be very open-minded to your overall learning experience here at SAE.

Where can people find you and stay up to date with your work? 

You can check out my body of work and see what I’m up to on my website and via my social media which is @sullikinesis on Instagram and @kmsullivanmusic on Facebook.