SAE London student chosen to attend Airbit Academy Music Producer retreat

10 Jul 2019

Dev-Kishan Bhikha is the lucky SAE London Audio student who has been selected to attend the Airbit Academy Music Producer Retreat

The event takes place from 13-19 July in the surrounds of a Somerset mansion. Dev will have an amazing collaborative experience, working and learning from fellow music producers from around the world in an idyllic setting. 

Mentors include music industry veterans Tone Jonez, who has over 20 years of production experience; Sikwitit, a Dove Nominated producer from Dallas TX; brothers Tommaso and Alessandro, who have made over six-figures as Dopeboyz by marketing beats online, and CEO and Founder of Airbit, Wasim Khamlichi. 

New beats are showcased each night, which is an opportunity for Dev to receive constructive feedback from other peers and mentors that will help make sure he is industry-ready. Dev’s free time will be spent relaxing in the pool, watching movies in the cinema or hanging out in the games room - it’s certainly an incredible experience that he is unlikely to ever forget! 

We asked Dev how he felt to be nominated to attend the retreat, and he said: “I feel honoured to be chosen and I am looking forward to collaborating with loads of different producers on the retreat! I applied to the competition as soon as I saw it.” 

Loubna Khamlichi, Head of Airbit Academy said: “Dev has his own style of production and is clearly very talented. His music has soul, depth and high production values. This is why we chose him as this year's winner of the SAE Scholarship to attend the Airbit Academy Music Producer Retreat.  He can expect to meet and collaborate with talented and focused producers from across America, the UK, Austria, Germany and South Africa. He will be mentored by producers who earn six figures a year from selling music online, and attend masterclasses by producer Symbolyc One (Jay Z, Kanye, Eminem). It's going to be an amazing, intense, fun, and massive learning experience for all involved.” 

Dev has been playing the Piano since he was about 10 and started to make and compose his own pieces when he was 14. He said: “Ever since then it's been nonstop really. I'm always on my laptop making new music!” 

His artist name is WTSN, and he uses Logic Pro to produce all of his beats. He said: “I don't like to box myself into any particular genre but if I were to pick I would say RnB and Hip-Hop, and Trapsoul.”  

The most recent song he has produced is a track called ‘U.F.O.’ by Marika. Since studying at SAE, he feels that he has improved significantly as an artist. He told us: “Studying at SAE has already helped make me quite a bit at making better music, especially when it comes to mixing my own tunes. I have a better foundation of what everything really does such as compressor plugins and Equalizers.” 

Antonio de Robertis, SAE London Audio Programme Co-ordinator said: "I am very pleased to acknowledge Dev's selection to attend the Airbit Academy Retreat. Students that demonstrate an excellent work ethic and professional attitude have access to a variety of opportunities from industry partners and professionals."

We look forward to hearing all about Dev’s experience on the Airbit Academy Music Producers retreat, and hope that it enhances his beat making and marketing skills even more than studying at SAE already has. 

In the meantime, SAE London are hosting the Airbit Academy Beat Selling panel event on Friday 19 July at 6:30pm. Register for the event here