SAE London Music Business graduate launches Creative Cypher event to connect creatives during lockdown

16 Jun 2020

SAE London Music Business graduate Nil Nintcheu, who is the CEO of Vie d’Artiste, spoke to us about how he is helping creatives from around the world to connect and collaborate. Running an events business during lockdown has not been without its challenges, but Nil has launched a new form of online event - Creative Cypher - which allows artists to showcase their talent from home. Find out more about how you can get involved and take your career to the next level by reading the interview below. 

How has Vie d’Artiste expanded and grown since you first started the networking platform and were featured on the SAE website in 2018

Since we were featured on the SAE website a lot has happened. We basically stop focusing mainly on the digital aspect of our platform because we realised that building the community first was the most important thing to do. After this event that was featured on the SAE website, I went to Shanghai the following month to visit my girlfriend at the time with the intent to shoot a short film there for my music video as well as hosting a Creative Meet'Up event there as well. Surprisingly in less than a month with no resources and no real network, it ended being a really successful event and we were able to connect with over 300 local creatives. We succeeded to create a unique experience which helped us to have an active community and a strong network in China. When I got back from China I made the mistake to focus too much on the app instead of focusing on the events which were already flourishing. I really wanted to promote the app during the events and I didn't realise that Creative Meet'Up was a business on its own and an offline version of the app. Since that I started to focus on the events, the community grew organically and we hosted events in three continents: three in London, one in Shanghai, one in Abidjan, one in Paris. All our Creative Meet'Up were sold out

Our Creative Meet'Ups became part of the main strategy to expand the business as well as the perfect way to build a strong network of creatives and creative agencies around the world. It helped us to better understand what creatives need to optimise the app features. 

Moreover, Vie d'Artiste is now providing experience on real-life projects to universities for their students as well as giving students access to our Creative Meet'uP for them to showcase their work and find job opportunities. Universities can now promote and market their courses to new students through our event and network and save money in marketing and operation.

Thanks to our Creative Meet'Up, we built a brand experience portfolio and a worldwide network that we can now offer to brands, businesses, universities and sponsors to acquire new customers and expand their business. 

This year we were supposed to go on tour with Creative Meet'Up in Paris, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, New York, Berlin, Copenhagen & Cape Town but because of COVID-19 we had to postpone the tour.  After our successful event in Paris at the W hotel, we were able to find a venue in Paris where we can host 500 creatives, our event has been postponed. When venues will open again we plan to host events in Paris and London every 2 weeks. In London, we partnered with W hotel for our next Creative Meet'Up.

How important has networking been to you in your own career? 

Networking is the fundamental foundation of my business and my life in general as I'm making films and music so I always need people with various skillsets. Because I'm the one hosting the Creative Meet'Up, it is an amazing opportunity to make new contacts during every event and build relationships. On the Creative Meet'Up London 001 I met Mario Monteiro, a Branding strategist and DJ who at the time just moved to London. We had a similar vision about society and culture, he suggested getting involved in Creative Meet'Up 002 so I was invited to be a DJ at the event. He launched his branding agency that is now successfully operating worldwide, and we partnered with his agency - Noance Studio - which helped us to better strategise our business as well as improve our overall branding considerably. Noance Studio is taking care of all our flyers, and I'm now a sales partner for Noance and provide their services to our network. Vie d'Artiste is now representing highly competent agencies and creatives and providing their services to a worldwide network of startups, institutions and established businesses.

Obviously the events industry has been impacted by the coronavirus. How have you turned the cancellation of Creative Meet'Up into a positive with these Creative Cypher events?

We were really disappointed to postpone all our events but in order to keep our community active and motivated we launched an online show called Homestay, with talks with a Victoria’s Secret model based in New York about the fashion industry, with some live cooking lessons with a chef and cocktail lesson and Instagram takeover from a few singers based in Paris, Abidjan and Lithuania.

After one month of hosting Creative Meet'Up Homestay edition, I came up with the concept of Creative Cypher and connected with over 300 artists from all around the world during the lockdown. We are now working on a Vie d'Artiste Collaborative project with 30 artists that we recruited. The show is still currently happening every Wednesday and Saturday at 9.00 pm.  

What can attendees expect from attending a Creative Cypher event? 

Have a look at this post where the concept of the show is explained as well as what the attendees can win by participating at the Creative Cypher.

How can SAE students who want to showcase their work at a Creative Cypher event get involved?

They can perform, discover new artists, give their opinion, ask for collaboration with the artists that they like the most. It is a creative online World Cup so we invite creatives to come to represent their culture and country by inviting the most talented artists from their country to come and perform. In the Creative Cypher, artists can come to perform every two weeks and upgrade in the competition. There are different levels: unknown, amateur, semi-pro, pro legend. When artists arrive in semi-pro there is a challenge that they need to succeed in their performance in order to get on the pro level. Every time they come the more we are able to see their music style and skills so the more chance they have to perform at our Creative Meet'Up after the lockdown and to be part of the Vie d'Artiste collaborative album.

Every time they come to perform there is a voting system for their public to support them, it is all explained on Vie d'Artiste Instagram on our the Highlight "Cypher rules". We have influential partners who give exposure and also provide a platform for artists and gifts.

What are your long term goals with the platform - have you achieved your global aims yet? 

The long term goal is to become the main platform for creatives around the world to connect offline and online and to be able to provide them with the opportunities that will allow them to monetise their skills.

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