SAE London launch ‘Sounds of the SAE’ Vol 1

21 Jun 2019

SAE London are launching Sounds of the SAE Vol 1 on Soundcloud today. The playlist consists of 11 genre shifting styles of original music from SAE musicians, singer-songwriters and producers.

The project is the brainchild of Lead Student Experience Officer, Eddie Nwolie, who said: ''One of the things that really excited me about running this project was to be given the opportunity to listen to the fantastic music created by students by SAE. The levels of creativity, craftsmanship and knowledge submitted across genres was amazing and it was a pleasure to be involved in the selection process.''

Here is a breakdown of the tracklist and some information about each of the artists:

CIV - 1. Moving & 5. Dusting

Vincent Cantelauble a.k.a CIV, is a French producer, sound designer and SAE Audio student based in London.

He started producing music with a group of friends in Paris when he was a teenager and clublife formed the background to meeting people with the same taste and admiration for electronic music.

This gave Vincent the opportunity to put together a scene representing different arts (music, photography, painting, installation) at every single event in various clubs in Paris (Pigallion, La Foule Electronique, Le 4 Elements). He has played at various functions including several private parties and festival performance.

In 2016, he moved to London, where he has worked as a sound designer for several videos, including for London's fashion week, and has done five-hour sets with wonderful sound systems in London's high-end hi-fi venues.

KAL£ - 2. IPA & 10. The 8

KAL£ is an unsigned and independent singer/songwriter based in north east London. 

KAL£ welcomes you into a melancholic and psychedelic world full of exciting pop, rock and electronic and live elements as a band. Minimal, dry, and industrial drum machines lead the rhythm section whilst spacey, dreamy guitar sounds and catchy bass riffs keep you on edge.

KAL£ self recorded, mixed and produced this album in his room with one microphone and an audio interface. 

The Death Of A Clementine by KAL£ is set to be released in 2019.

Tim Hocks - 3. Breathing In & 9. Alive Together

Tim Hocks is a London based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer from Erkelenz, Germany.

While making predominant use of acoustic instruments, Tim’s entirely self-produced songs are at home in the mainstream pop genre, being spiced up with jazz, neo soul and EDM influences.

Tim’s vocal style is very dynamic, broadening the horizons of his baritone register through elaborate head voice implementation.

His records are self-made in every respect, covering all aspects of music production from songwriting, arrangement, instrumental performances and sound engineering to promotion and marketing.

Anton Fosh - 4. So High & 8. Night

Anton was born in Scotland and moved to London to pursue his dream of becoming a performer in the West End. He has appeared in musicals such as Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘Hairspray’ and ‘Elf: The Musical’. His work in musical theatre has meant he has been able to travel all over the world, working in cities such as Tokyo, Copenhagen, Vienna and London.

From a young age Anton has written and produced his own tracks and is seeking to turn this into a career as an audio engineer and decided a great place to start would be to study at SAE. 

Anton is in his first year on the BA Audio Production course at SAE London. More music and information can be found at Soundcloud and Instagram.

Claudio de Benedictis - 6. Masks

Claudio presents ‘Masks’, a track born from the union between grunge and electronic music and all recorded inside SAE's studios.

Claudio is 19 years old and in his first year of study at SAE; this song was written, performed and produced as part of a music production assignment on the AUD4400 module at SAE London.

Cameron Thomas Forster - 7. Burger Rings

Cameron is an experimental guitarist/producer from the cold far reaches of a Hampshire village in his first year of studying audio engineering at SAE London.

Beija Flor - 11. Ana Hurra

Giulio Matheson is a singer/songwriter born in Sicily, Italy.

He first started playing guitar and singing with the alternative metal trio Skull Above the Cannon, with whom an EP was produced and released in January 2015.

The band's need to further express the cultural contradictions that globalisation triggers in the south of the world has brought them to set the tone and structure for writing and producing the trio's first album which will be out soon in 2019 on Milky Bomb Records.

In the meantime, Giulio has started a new project sparked from the life-long friendship with singer/songwriter Alessandra Pirrone.

They write and perform as Beija Flor and in 2017 they started working on their first major production which was a sonic journey through the currents of the Mediterranean Sea, where Sicily has played the central role of melting pot for many cultures throughout history.

Guilio wears many hats, including that of producer and technician and is currently studying Audio Production at SAE Institute in London.

Sounds of the SAE Vol 1 is available to stream on Soundcloud from today.

Listen to the playlist here.