SAE London to host Drum Workshop and Q&A with producer & Bonobo drummer Jack Baker

15 Mar 2019

Jack Baker will be running an advanced drum recording workshop for SAE London students on 27 March at 2pm and will be followed by an interview, talk and Q&A at 17:30pm that will be open to the general public. Moderated by SAE London Campus Director Nathan Loughran, the talk will dive into Jack’s experiences of working in the Music Industry as a musician, writer and producer and will end with a Q&A with the audience.

Jack is the drummer for the award-winning electronic act Bonobo, who he has been recording and touring with for over a decade. Bonobo play live renditions of studio material with a singer, keyboardist, guitarist, saxophonist, string section, electronics, and drummer, and the performances often involve improvisations and solos. The act has completed international headline tours in the US, Australia, Canada and Europe and has made appearances at prominent festivals such as Glastonbury and Coachella.

Jack also runs his own writing and recording studio and has worked with artists and bands such as UK Soul Sensation Alice Russell, Basement Jaxx vocalist Sharlene Hector, Essa, Kathrin de Boer and Andreya Triana. He has also produced music and done sound design for corporate clients such as Red Stripe and Miller Beer. Jack is also trained in visual arts, included lighting and stage design.

In the SAE Extra masterclass, Jack will explore drum recording concepts with practical application. The workshop is aimed at anyone who is interested in experimenting with sounds in the studio.

Jack Baker spoke to SAE ahead of the event and said: “Experimentation and creativity are key when recording in the studio. Pushing boundaries and manipulating instruments to create a new and captivating sound. Let’s explore the drum kit together, right down to the wood it’s made from and work out the many sounds that it can produce and how we can capture them. I’ve played drums for Bonobo for 16 years now, I’ve seen different drum sounds come and go. I’ve seen the development of electronics and how they are used live and in the studio, different microphones and placement techniques. Let’s start from scratch, explore and experiment to achieve a new and innovative drum sound at the SAE studios. I can’t wait to dissect my drum kit and make some sounds that I’ve never heard before. Microphone techniques are just the start!”

Jack will explore working with a live drum kit to achieve the perfect (or not so perfect!) drum sound in the studio. He will also explain the process of deconstructing the drum kit and working with different recording techniques to achieve interesting and captivating sounds for your music production.

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