SAE London Audio Production lecturer invited to speak at the Paris Electronic Week

26 Sep 2018

Haris Custovic, Audio Production lecturer at SAE London, was invited to speak at the Paris Electronic Week (PEW) that took place from the 26 September.

PEW is a conference that is described as “halfway between a trade show and a festival”, where hundreds of people gather to discuss both the present and future of electronic music. With this year’s three-day event marking the sixth edition, PEW is continuing to grow and subsequently offering even more conferences and workshops for attendees to engage with.

Haris was invited to speak at the event due to his extensive career in the music industry as a composer, producer and sound artist, alongside his work in education at SAE. PEW is not the only way in which Haris continues to be active in the industry while he teaches at SAE London. He also has his own YouTube channel where he posts interviews and discussions with fellow audio professionals.

Commenting ahead of the event, Haris said:

“It was a real honour to receive an invite to attend Paris Electronic Week 2018. I am very much looking forward to being a part of the conference, meeting up with other attendees and talking about the state of electronic music today as well as topic of festival tourism. I am also very pleased that the organisers recognised and pointed out my involvement with SAE as an audio production lecturer.”

In terms of the topics discussed at the conference, particular attention was paid to the future of festivals in light of increasing security costs, as well as the foreign electronic scene and a socio-economic study on the electronic music market in France. On top of this, there were plenty of opportunities to network, with last year’s event attracting nearly 1,200 people.

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