SAE Liverpool students on creating a professional trailer for two-person play 'Eggs'

01 Mar 2018

Four SAE Liverpool Film students, Francesca Tomlinson, Ciaran Wainwright, Thomas Kinley and Daniel Carr, have been working on a trailer for Eggs, a two-person play written by Florence Keith-Roach, directed by Chantell Walker and starring Lauren-Nicole Mayes and Emily Curtis.

After attending SAE Liverpool’s recent Northern Power Women event, the Director, Chantell, got in touch to see if some students would like to be involved in promoting their upcoming play by creating a short trailer. 

“We originally heard of the job from our lecturers on campus who said they needed maybe three or four people to help, so myself, Thomas, Daniel and Ciaran put ourselves forward,” Francesca explains.

‘A dark comedy about female friendship, fertility and freaking out’, Eggs is a highly poignant play especially following the recent NPW podcast held at the Liverpool campus and with International Women’s Day just around the corner.

The opportunity to work from the brief provided by Chantell has given the students some professional experience which will benefit them long-term. Treating Chantell and the actors as their clients, it was imperative for the students to make sure that the brief was met and that the outcome was successful, as well as meeting the all-important deadline.

On the day of shooting, Daniel was the Director of Photography, Thomas took on the role of Director, Ciaran was in charge of sound and Francesca was Thomas’ 1st AD and Producer. Francesca and Thomas are now currently working together to edit the trailer so that it can be used by Chantell, Lauren-Nicole and Emily in advance to spread the word about the play.

Thomas Kilney comments on his experience: 

“The most challenging aspect was the editing since they requested a much higher level of visual effects. Which came as a massive learning opportunity for us.”

On top of this, the Eggs team required a really quick turnaround from the students. With just over two weeks to film and edit the trailer before the play started running, Francesca, Thomas, Ciaran and Daniel really had to pull together to get the job done.

“Originally we were given a brief with a clear goal in mind, but with the project being set at a short deadline, creative changes were inevitable. Also, on the day they chose to make last minute changes meaning we had to adapt quickly and also provide creative support,” Thomas tells us.

But despite the challenges, the project has been a fantastic learning curve for the students as well as being really enjoyable.

Ciaran comments:

“We all had a lot of fun, since we worked well as a team and were able to have a laugh, between ourselves and the clients too. On the day we were able to create a setup that transferred extremely well on camera and I’m excited to get more opportunities for work similar to this in the future.”

With all four students studying the Digital Film Production degree at SAE Liverpool, they had a solid foundation of experience, knowledge and skills to aid their work on the project, as well as resources from the campus and expert staff.

“I think we all felt confident to do it, especially after having lessons from lecturer Jake Astbury on lighting setups and safety while on a shoot. We actually still had help from both him and fellow lecturer Carl Copeland on the day, which allowed us to perfect our image while feeling more confident to use their points of advice on our next job,” Daniel explains.

Eggs will be playing at 53Two in Manchester the from 7-10 March, get your tickets here.