SAE Liverpool set to host the first Native Meetup in the city with the Liverpool Audio Network

11 Jul 2018

In alliance with the Liverpool Audio Network (LAN), SAE Liverpool will be hosting the first Native Meetup in the city later this month.

Coming to SAE Liverpool on 19 July, the Native Meetup is a great opportunity for local people to utilise a free opportunity to network and learn some truly valuable skills.

The Liverpool Audio Network is a social enterprise run by Daniel Fisher-Jones and SAE Liverpool student Phil Noone. The duo embarked on creating a platform from which they could develop Liverpool’s music industry and community by building their networks, skills and creating new opportunities for individuals.

The upcoming event is certainly part of LAN’s pledge and marks the first meet up of it’s kind in Liverpool, a significant achievement for the talented trio.

The Native Meetup will be co-hosted by LAN and Native Instruments, a leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computer-based audio production and DJing. Taking place in different locations bi-monthly, the Native Meetup is the perfect platform for musicians, producers, DJs and interested individuals to learn first-hand how to use Native Instruments’ software and hardware.

“This ranges from the likes of hardware such as Maschine to DJing software such as Traktor and even compositional music tools such as Kontakt,” Phil Noone, Head of Logistics at LAN explains.

But above all, the event facilitates the opportunity for like-minded people from different areas to network.

“Everyone who attends will have the same common interests as each other regardless of experience. In this industry it's all about who you know and this event creates an opportunity for people to meet more like-minded individuals.”

Why should I attend?

Workshops, industry engagement, networking and practical demonstrations - this event is a fantastic chance for people active in the music industry to soak up as much knowledge as they can.

Phil Noone explains: “We will be hosting a range of workshops covering a range of products from NI, that will be ran by some incredibly talented individuals. Get ready to learn DJing, Music Production and Native Hardware!

“We will also have a Producer playback in the NEVE VR Legend studio, this will be a great opportunity to get feedback on your tracks by peers and industry professionals.”

In addition, Paul Nolan who recently engineered for SASHA on his Late Night Tales release will also run a session during the event. He will deconstruct one of his tracks which is made purely with Native Instruments tools to explain the whole process.

Phil Noone comments: “Anyone in the music industry is welcome to join us, however we aim to attract DJs and Music producers who wish to use software and hardware tools to develop their musical craft. Native Instruments products aren’t just for electronic music producers but anyone in the sound engineering or composition world. This meetup aims to not only teach attendees but show the attendees the true power of Native Instruments.”

The Native Meetup is just one of a number of events that the Liverpool Audio Network host across the city. They also run monthly panel events at SAE Liverpool on the last Wednesday of every month. Some of the topics due to be covered in the upcoming events include Income Streams, Wellbeing and Mindset, and the future of Liverpool’s music industry. Follow the Liverpool Audio Network to keep up to date.

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