SAE Liverpool lecturer Mike McNeilis talks about the benefits of postgraduate study

28 Oct 2019

Dr Mike McNeilis is the Programme Coordinator for Music Business  and an Audio Production lecturer at SAE Liverpool. He is currently carrying out a part-time MBA in Educational Leadership and Management at Anglia Ruskin University. He started the course in September 2018, and is set to finish it next summer. 

Mike said: “I'm hoping to learn further about the more senior roles in education, like Programme Coordinator and Academic Coordinator, so we can better support our students at SAE Liverpool. I've also been learning lots about teaching and learning in the classroom, as well as student support and engagement outside of lessons.” 

We asked Mike about some of the challenges he has faced on this project. He said: “It's an online course and so you don't have the same engagement with fellow students compared to programmes delivered on campus. I have a friend who's also undertaking the course, so it's been good to bounce ideas off them!” 

Mike already has an extensive range of qualifications, including a BA in Music with Music Technology, a BSc and a PGCE in Mathematics, an MA in Music Industry Studies, and a PhD in Music Composition. He’s more than qualified to impart his learning to Audio and Music Business students at SAE Liverpool.

If, like Mike, you are thinking that one day you might like to teach the creative subject(s) that you love, then he has some advice for you: “If you're interested in teaching in the future, whether that's in schools or colleges/universities, undertaking teaching qualifications like a PGCE can be very intensive, especially straight after a condensed two-year degree. I would perhaps recommend that students first study a master's degree as it allows you further time to mature and develop your craft. College and university teaching will almost always require at least a master's degree anyway.” 

SAE offers a flexible master’s programme with its MA/MSc Professional Practice (Creative Media Industries). In addition to recognising the value of of your professional practice, this innovative programme:

  • Enables you to combine work and study by completing assessment through work-based projects
  • Allows you to tailor your learning and course content to match your interests and career aspirations
  • Provides cutting edge scholarship enriched by the support and guidance of an expert mentor
  • Encourages autonomous learning through a self-directed research project
  • Allows you to become part of an active global network of industry professionals

The course is completed through online distance learning, with lots of opportunities for students to come to attend SAE Extra masterclasses throughout the year, networking with our expert staff and other like-minded creative practitioners. 

Find out more about the MA/MSc Professional Practice (Creative Media Industries) here.