SAE Liverpool Film student Kian Dixon to direct Batman fan film

11 Feb 2019

Kian Dixon, a Digital Film Production student at SAE Liverpool, is working on a Batman Fan film titled BATMAN: First Dawn. Kian has previously worked with some of the cast and crew on his short film Conceiving. We spoke to him about his latest project.

What made you want to make this fan film?  

I have always been a fan of DC, both the films and comics. When I saw that Seamas McGowan was writing the film I took a keen interest in it, having worked with him on my last short film Conceiving. I became the director of Batman: First Dawn not only to bring the writer's vision to life visually on the screen, but to also bring my creative thoughts on the film to life.

Have you done any other work that interacts with the Batman franchise?  

I have not done any Live Action however I have written a stop motion Batman film that I plan on making in the future. But at the moment I am very much focusing on Batman: First Dawn and a few other non DC related projects.

What is the general plot overview?  

Jean Paul Valley (Seamas McGowan) arrives from Gotham in Liverpool as a University student. After only being in the city for a short time he realises there are more similarities between Liverpool and Gotham than he originally thought. Jean Paul quickly sees the city needs help to escape the grips of the crime lord Snake, which he endeavours to solve by becoming Batman.

What was your last short film, Conceiving about?  

Conceiving is a 3 minute visual narrative. It is set in an average pub where Trevor (Kian Dixon) discovers his wife Charlotte (Victoria O'Brien) is having an affair with his brother Steve (Seamas McGowan) and has to make a decision in a split second.

How are you covering the production costs?  

For this first film it has been entirely independent funding from Seamas McGowan, who has paid for the costumes and props. However the plan for the second film is to Crowdfund so we can make a bigger and better sequel.

Where will you be shooting the film?  

The film will be entirely shot in Liverpool City centre. SAE will be the location for the University scenes which we are looking forward to shooting on 20 February. Seamas and I went location scouting and found some great locations to film at, which were are just finalising the release forms for at the moment.

What equipment will you be using?  

We will be mainly shooting on the Cannon XF100, however for certain scenes we will be using the Cannon 7D. The most exciting equipment we will be using is the Dolly rig to pull off shots similar to the opening of A Clockwork Orange, with the iconic Kubrick ‘Stare'.

What other SAE students are involved?  

Our entire crew will be made up of students on their first year film degree such as Kate Larmer who was a fantastic camera operator on Conceiving. The rest of the crew has been acquired, however their roles are still to be confirmed.