SAE Liverpool Animation Programme Coordinator takes part in industry conference in Malaysia

30 Nov 2020

SAE students recently had a chance to learn from Malaysia-based Lead Animator, TM Cheong, from Passion Republic as we hosted an SAE Extra masterclass looking at the differences between TV commercial and Game animation. 

SAE Liverpool’s Animation, Web and Games Programme Coordinator Firdaus Khalid reciprocated this knowledge share between the two countries when he was recently invited to give an international talk to students at the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies of Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia.

The talk series was hosted on Instagram Live from 17 - 18 November, with Firdaus’ session taking place on 17 November. You can watch the talk here: 

Firdaus said: “This was in conjunction with their 2020 KOMED Connects event that was organised by the faculty that invites speakers from around the world to share their experiences within the industry to their aspiring students. Many other speakers range from those with backgrounds from broadcasting, journalism, public relations to publishing, and my session focused particularly on my strongest areas which are Games Development, Games Animation and Games Design.” 

There were nearly 1,000 students who attended the session, as it was broadcasted live to every student of their faculty in UiTM, which branches to all the states in Malaysia.

Firdaus added: “They were very polite during my session, but also very passionate and engaging, with a lot of good questions being asked to me on the topic.” 

To begin with, Firdaus provided an overview of his 20-years of working experience in the games industry and in academia, before he later took questions on Unreal Engine 5’s new Nanite and Lumen features, Adobe Photoshop with new Neural Filter functions, as well as related questions on the new PS5 and Xbox Series X with all the upcoming games that avid gamers get to play. 

The final part of the session focused on ensuring that young students can all come onboard in this fast-paced industry. Firdaus said: ”I had answered each and every one of their questions as clearly and concisely as I possibly could, adding positive and constructive advice so that one day they can be successful themselves in this field.” 

It’s so nice to see Firdaus sharing some of the wisdom and positivity that SAE students get to receive day-in, day-out. 

2020 has brought with it a number of challenges, but an overwhelming positive is the increased number of international events taking place via digital platforms and applications. The possibilities as to what you can do if you’re a creative really are endless!