SAE Industry Insight: Editorial and Curation Lead at SoundCloud, Sam Chennault

29 Nov 2019

Sam Chennault is the Editorial and Curation Lead at SoundCloud, which means he oversees a team that evaluates and promotes emerging musicians on SoundCloud. 

Sam enjoys consistently being in a position to connect musicians with their fans, providing careers for creatives that he respects. He said: “It's fulfilling to help people discover music and culture that will be meaningful in their lives, and to work with other creatives who are passionate about powering the discovery process.” 

How did Sam get to where he is today? 

Sam has a long professional history of working for media companies and digital music services, working as the merchandising lead for Google Play Music, the managing editor for Rhapsody and the music editor for the Miami New Times.

One of the biggest challenges he has faced in his career was transitioning from working for traditional media companies to digital platforms and marketplaces such as Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play and Napster. He said: “I also own a creative services agency that works with companies like Spotify and Ticketmaster to provide teams of creatives for editorial and curation. It seemed like a good fit.” 

His long term career goals are to build his company, Third Bridge Creative, which he co-founded alongside Garrett Kamps. His company is a global team of writers, editors, curators, and visual artists who provide customised content solutions at a global scale for some of the world’s biggest brands and media services. They’ve worked with Google, Rolling Stone, Slate, StubHub, Pitchfork, Billboard, The Guardian, The New Yorker, Napster and YouTube. 

If he could go back in time and give himself some professional advice, he would say: “Your career will be long and success isn’t always linear. Don’t be frustrated by temporary setbacks and stay true to your passions.” 

How can you land yourself a similar role to Sam? 

For Sam, it has to be a balance between earning enough money to live and going to work every day knowing you enjoy what you do. He said: “Develop your core skill set - whether that's writing, video/text editing, curating, photography - and then identify an industry that both allows you to engage with what you feel passionate about and earns you a good living.” 

Find out more about Third Bridge Creative here.

Note: SAE Industry Insight is an interview feature where we talk to people working within the creative industries about their roles and how they got there, with the intention of providing SAE students with career advice. The people we interview are not necessarily affiliated with SAE in any way.