SAE to host virtual masterclass with accomplished VFX artist, Hussin Khan

26 May 2020

SAE UK is excited to be hosting a virtual masterclass with the accomplished VFX artist, Hussin Khan, on 3 June from 11.00 am - 12.00 pm. 

The session will be a great opportunity to hear about Hussin’s trajectory into the amazing world of VFX, working as part of the production team who made Academy Award-winning films such as Life of Pi, Snow White & the Huntsman, X-Men: First Class and Golden Compass whilst at Rhythm & Hues Studios. 

Hussin is also the CEO and founder of EFXCO, one of the first Authorised Adobe, Nuke & Unity training centres, where he has taught his artistic strategies and techniques to thousands of people.

In the SAE Extra masterclass, Hussin will focus on his own journey and experience as a Visual Effects artist, trainer and business owner but also discuss how jobs are changing and how you need to adapt quickly to survive.

Hussin said: “I will be talking about how I got started in the creative industries, especially the visual effects and animation industry. Loving sci-fi movies was probably how I got curious and wanted to find answers, unfortunately, it wasn't easy back then. The interest just kept building up until in the mid-90s where I discovered the software that started it all… Newtek LightWave3D. LightWave was used to create CGI in TV series such as Babylon 5, seaQuest DSV, Battlestar Galactica and movies such as Titanic, Avatar, Sin City to name a few. Back then only technical savvy people get to work on such projects requiring extensive programming skills and artistic knowledge accumulated for many years of trial and error. Things have changed rapidly in the last 20 or so years, now you can create amazing imagery by a few clicks of the mouse, making the process much easier but it has lost it's "human" touch. Getting into the industry is easier now than ever, but getting recognized is a challenge for most graduates. In this masterclass, I will give some tips on how you can develop skills to get ahead in the industry that you love.” 

This promises to be a really good in-depth session for VFX Animation and Game Art Animation students who are keen to learn more about the VFX industry but it will also be useful for Film students who want to learn more about the role of VFX within big blockbuster releases. 

SAE Liverpool Game Art Animation and Web Development Programme Coordinator, Firdaus Khalid, said: “There is no doubt that Hussin is an absolute master in the fields of visual effect and animation, even among the pros of the film industry worldwide. Although having been involved in numerous multi-million, Academy Award-winning blockbuster Hollywood movies worldwide, as well as being the perfect human VFX fighting machine with vast amounts of industry experience, Hussin is always kind to share his insights and knowledge, and inspire many of the future artists out there, both newcomers and veterans. To me, that humble quality of him sharing his wealth of experience is a beautiful gem of its own, and sharing is the right positive path that we have always placed emphasis on here at SAE Institute, the home of creatives!” 

Given the ongoing situation with COVID-19, this masterclass will take place via the video-conferencing platform Zoom, with all those who register via Eventbrite emailed a secure link to join the meeting before the talk is due to start. 

If you would like to attend this session, register here.

Check out Hussin’s IMDB here