SAE Glasgow student talks about his placement with 23rd Precinct Music

25 Jun 2019

SAE Glasgow Music Business student Michael Young recently completed a work placement with record label 23rd Precinct Music, which was established in 1992 and grew out of the 23rd Precinct record shop in Glasgow. They offer a range of services, including royalty collection, licensing and sync, artist management and event registration. 

Michael spoke to us about the projects he worked on in his time with 23rd Precinct Music, his ambitions following graduation, and his ongoing dissertation work. 

How did you go about acquiring your placement with 23rd Precinct Music?

To gain my placement at 23rd Precinct I was asked what areas of the industry I was most interested in. I am really interested in artist management, label services and publishing. I passed this information on to my lecturers and they helped me to find a suitable placement which would hit all of these areas. 23rd Precinct is a company that has many different arms which touch all three of these areas of the music industry. After various discussions with my lecturers John and Tamara, we all thought that this would be the best fit for me. Following this I had to go for a short meeting with the guys at 23rd Precinct and it went great. This then resulted in a 12 week placement at the company. 

What responsibilities and day-to-day duties were you given on this placement? 

My day to day responsibilities on placement covered a wide range of areas within the business. I was often juggling multiple projects and working through various tasks. My main responsibilities were completing meta data for the re-release of Limbo Records which is a label ran under the 23rd Precinct umbrella. I also worked on organising and running a Writers Camp event. This involved being in contact with writers who are signed to 23rd Precinct, coordinating travel, organising the plans for the day and also all the technological requirements which the writers would need during the camp. Another area of work I was often involved in was pitching ideas for different marketing campaigns for artists signed to labels which 23rd Precinct own. I was also allowed to give some ideas for the industry conference Resonate which is ran by 23rd Precinct.

What is the most exciting thing you worked on whilst at 23rd Precinct Music? 

During my placement I was excited by most things I got my hands on. However, the most exciting project was the writers camp. This was my main project during my placement meaning most of my time was dedicated to it. Because it was such a massive event, it was really exciting to lead on this project. Another reason I was excited about this project was due to the fact that it gave me a very good opportunity to network within the music industry, this allowed me to meet a large group of musicians and people within the industry to help get my name out there. This project was also extremely important due to the fact that the work done during the camp would be sent out to various labels who were pitching to 23rd Precinct for songs. This project allowed me to experience a large portion of the music industry whilst building on skills I already had which was a great experience.

Do you have any advice to future Music Business students that will help them stand out when they apply to placements and internships?

The advice I would give is just to be yourself and remain confident in your abilities. I would also advise any future Music Business students to try and gain experience in as many areas of the industry as possible. This allowed me to find out the main areas I wanted to focus on and where my passion in the music industry lay. Also don’t get too bogged down if you don’t succeed in getting the first internship or placement you apply for, there are loads of different opportunities out there. The main thing I would say is to always believe in yourself and who you are as an individual, if all else fails there’s nothing better than starting something yourself and grow it from the ground up.






If you had to sum up your experience so far at SAE in one sentence, what would you say?  

Studying at SAE is a very fast paced, practical and rewarding experience that I would not have got at any other university.

What area of the Music Business do you want to go into after graduating? 

The main areas of the Music Business which I would like to go into after graduating are artist management and label services. I really like helping artists and being involved in the creative process of marketing campaigns as well as helping others reach their full potential. This course has allowed me to experience this in various forms and it is something I have found a passion for. Whether this comes in the form of a management company or a label, this is something I would really like to be involved in.

What has been your favourite aspect of the course so far? 

My favourite aspect of the course so far has been the hands-on nature of it. There is a large focus from our lecturers to get stuck in and not to be afraid to do it ourselves. That’s one of the main things I have taken from this course; that there’s nothing better than practical experience and learning by doing. From running our own events, to releasing tracks with local artists I have found that I have learned best by doing.

Are there any other projects you are working on that you would like to tell us about? 

I am currently in the process of writing my dissertation on the impact that social media influencers have on the marketing campaigns of acts which is something I am very interested in. Once I finish at SAE, my goal is to start up my own artist management company, so in my free time I make sure I am out getting to know the local music scene, and also researching the industry further.

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