10 Nov 2017

SAE have been celebrating more graduate success this week with the news that two of our Glasgow campus Audio Production graduates (Omar Khan and Geoff Angus) walked away with a BAFTA Scotland Game Award for their adventure game 'Stories Untold'

The full production team from ‘No Code’ included Jon McKellan (former SAE lecturer, Omar Khan, Geoff Angus, Jack Perry, Graeme McKellan and Lee McKellan.

The idea for Stories Untold originated at the Ludum Dare 36 Game Jam in 2016, where the theme was Ancient Technology.

Omar and Jon came up with a "game-within-a-game" called The House Abandon, where the player must work through an old-fashioned text adventure played on a vintage console similar to a ZX Spectrum.

The player progresses through the text adventure and strange things begin to happen in the surroundings, as if the player's typed commands are becoming reality.

The House Abandon went viral after the game jam, with several popular gaming sites streaming live playthroughs.

This led to publishers Devolver Digital getting in touch, who suggested that the team expand the game with the intention of selling it on Steam. The House Abandon thus became the first 'episode' of a collection of short psychological horror stories, presented as a fictitious, now-cancelled TV show from the 1980s called Stories Untold.

We caught up with Geoff Angus who commented on the project and taking home the award:

“This was an important project for me, as it allowed me to experience the complete development lifecycle for the first time, from programming early prototypes right through to the finished product and beyond. The core team was made up of Jon, Omar and myself. There were easier times, but also a few late nights, and some genuine panics. In a team of three you often have to cope with being thrown in at the deep end with things you've never worked on before. After a while you tend not to worry about it though. 'Stories Untold' was also our first PC game, so we were all learning new ways to do things every week.

Winning the BAFTA Scotland Award was a surreal and unexpected thing. I hadn't even considered a career in game development until last year, so to be part of an award-winning team 18 months later was very motivating.  It is also great for the company. Jon and Omar have been building the business for a few years now, and it is great that they are receiving recognition at last.”

The team are currently working on a new console game that is much larger in scope than anything they have produced before so watch this space for further developments.