SAE Glasgow Film lecturer Paul Mackie’s script is selected as semi-finalist for Rome Independent Prisma Awards

08 Oct 2020

SAE Glasgow Film lecturer Paul Mackie’s short horror script was recently selected as a semi-finalist for the Rome Independent Prisma Awards - just in time for Halloween! 

The script is titled Superstition, and it revolves around a man who is obsessed and consumed by superstition in his everyday life. However, one night it all gets a little out of hand and his superstitions begin to haunt him, bringing his sanity into question.

PRISMA is one of the best monthly festivals on Filmfreeway, internationally recognized by IMDB, the most important website in the world for films and professionals of the industry. 

Asked how he feels about being chosen as a semi-finalist, Paul said: “It is just good to get it out to these festivals that can help support and promote projects in their early stages and the little bit of promotion they offer is always fully welcome for up-and-coming filmmakers. Hopefully it will see the light in 2021 as smaller productions get back on their feet.” 

Alongside his work as a lecturer, Paul has been busy working on a number of productions. He took some time to speak to us earlier this year about his work on award-winning short film Convergence, Netflix’s Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga and the delayed Fast and Furious 9.  

But when Covid-19 halted productions around the world, Paul took the opportunity to focus on his own writing projects. He said: “It was a short premise I have had in my drawer for a few years and never really knew what to do with. But, the pandemic has given me some spare time to flesh it out and bashed out the initial draft fairly quickly.”  

In terms of what he plans to do next with the script, Paul is still taking feedback to refine the project but is not currently looking to make the film himself as he has too many other commitments. However, he has been speaking to a few people who would be interested in directing it. Paul said: “For me, this is the best of both worlds as I get to continue to develop as a writer, while also getting to collaborate with someone else and allow them to bring their own voice to it.” 

The success of Paul’s script goes to show that the Covid-19 pandemic has had some positives for creatives, enabling them to sit down and work on writing projects that have been on their mind for some time. 

Learn more about the PRISMA awards here.

To keep up to date with Paul’s work, you can connect with him on LinkedIn.