SAE Film graduate shoots to success

21 Sep 2016
film SAE

It’s the dream situation – graduate, get a job, and get paid fast.

And for SAE graduate Joanne Mason, it’s now a reality.

The former Film student waited just days before landing a paid job on the indie cult series - Cops and Monsters, which rose to internet acclaim after piloting in 2014.

Joanne said:

“Yeah I’d only just finished the degree and within ten days of finishing the course I was getting paid work.”

“It’s a great opportunity, and I was really pleased to get IMDb credits from the get-go.”

Joanne interned on the programme while studying at SAE and has since taken on the role of Second Assistant Director, working with BBC veterans and former Dr Who cast members.

“It’s been great. You’re right in the thick of it. “

“You’re there for every take and if you’re doing the shot log you need to be there, describing each shot and knowing if it’s the second or third take - although third takes rarely happen.”

The up-and-coming director will also be working at Take One Action this year; a film festival dedicated to showcasing inspiring stories that comment on issues of global concern.

Her goal is to one day direct her own hard-hitting social justice documentary after two-years of intense study at SAE, which she described as first-class:

“I’m always praising SAE.”

“I go to a lot of film festivals here in Glasgow, there’s GMAC and heaps of other film festivals. And it’s’ the obvious question isn’t it? What are you studying?  Where are you studying? And I say SAE, and it’s a really good course because it’s practical."