SAE Film Co-ordinator interviews Pixar

08 Sep 2017

James Clarke, Programme Coordinator for Film and Animation at SAE London, has a new magazine feature piece in print this week in 3D Artist where he had the opportunity to interview the team at Pixar about the new iteration of Renderman. 

Renderman is a state-of-the-art RIS framework optimized for physically-based rendering, delivering unmatched flexibility for the production pipeline and is used by many of the top animation artists in the world. 

James commented: "I've been glad to write for the magazine quite a bit over the past few years and I certainly hope the piece is of interest to our students at all of our UK campuses." 

James also has a number of other writing projects in the works, the next of which is his forthcoming guidebook The Year of the Geek.

James describes the genesis of the book as follows: "I was approached by the publisher to write the book last year and one reason I immediately gravitate towards it was that it partly taps into quite a few of the things that I've been into for much of my life. It's interesting to see how quite a lot of what many of us grew up on in the 1980s  has become reappropriated and rekindled by audiences today.

Hopefully, apart from being entertaining, I hope that the book goes some way to scratching the surface of a massive subject and gives its readers pointers to stories and people that perhaps they haven't previously encountered." 

The Year of the Geek is due to be published on 19 October by Aurum Press.