SAE celebrates National Coding Week with two games programming workshops

09 Sep 2019

National Coding Week takes place from 16 - 22 September, and here at SAE we are keen to get a new generation of coders excited about the multitude of career paths open to those with a coding skill. 

When people hear the word ‘coding’, many immediately think of Web Development - which is a highly lucrative career for many SAE graduates, such as Natacha Poletti. But coding is used in a variety of sectors, including the games industry. So to mark the occasion, SAE London is hosting two free coding workshops ‘Make a mobile game with Unity’ on 17 September and ‘Make a 2D game in 10 easy steps’ on 19 September.

The digital economy has grown enormously in the past 8 years and clusters of digital businesses are springing up everywhere. It has been reported that 50% of digital product developers are self-taught and as many as 83% of app developers have taught themselves. 

There are now more people working in tech jobs in the South East of England than the whole of California but there is a skills shortage, and many adults could contribute to the digital economy if only they had the confidence to get started. 

SAE London Games Programming lecturer Karsten Vermeulen will lead the two taster sessions for aspiring coders. 

Karsten said: “Even though we are becoming more visual in terms of game development, and technology is advancing daily, coding is still a very important skill to have. The main languages C++ and C# are vital to get your head around if you want to land a good job in the industry. Game engines provide developers with a large toolset, but if you are a good programmer, you can always go the extra mile and truly understand what is happening with your game.” 

In the first workshop on Tuesday, attendees will learn to make a third-person mobile game for Android/iOS, where the player interacts with the environment and other objects. This will involve using the Unity game engine, and learning to script in C#. 

In the second workshop on Thursday, attendees will use a custom-built game engine called Handmade, to create a simple 2D game that uses sprites and animations. This will involve learning to write C++ code, and developing an understanding the basics of a game engine.  

To register for the workshop ‘Make a mobile game on Unity’ on 17 September, click here

To register for the ‘Make a 2D game in 10 easy steps’ workshop on 19 September, click here.