SAE Audio graduate hosts Execute 2020 - a creative conference via Instagram Live

30 Jul 2020

SAE Oxford Audio alumna Emily-Beth Hill (EB) is hosting a conference this week via Instagram live @eb_hill, where she plans to interview a range of creative media professionals. 

The project has been running since Monday 27 July and will run until Sunday 2 August. 

Commenting on what inspired her to put together the event, EB said: “As many of you know, I am an artist and producer. I have a music project that is about 90% complete. I think everyone has had an experience where the last 10% of a project feels like climbing Everest ... any excuse to procrastinate will be taken, the excuses of 'I'm an *artist * - I can't just switch my creativity on', so much Netflix watched. While reflecting on this, I thought to myself "what would help?"

"For me, that's talking to people in my creative circles about what motivates them to keep going with their projects. I put an Instagram story up explaining my thoughts and wondered if anyone would be interested in having a chat with me while I undergo the Everest climb of getting my project finished. The response was bewildering. I decided to go the full hog and make it an online conference (I'm not sure yet if this a genuine response to my problem or the most extraordinary procrastination tactic I've ever pulled - the best part is I can't fail regardless).

"I will be interviewing over 20 speakers from all over the globe, from all kinds of creative industries, over the next week. The primary purpose is to inspire and motivate new waves of creativity given our extraordinary situation. It's called Execute 2020 and will be held on Instagram (@eb_hill). I'd just love to see you there.” 

EB isn’t the only SAE alumni who has made the most of their creative connections over the course of lockdown; fellow SAE Oxford Audio graduate Mark Levien has launched a podcast called The Creative Venture, which aims to provide career advice to creatives. 

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If you would like to watch the Execute 2020 conference, head to EB’s Instagram page at the times below: 


Ben K Adams (Videographer, London UK) - 3.00 pm BST 

Indi B (Music Producer, Oxford UK) - 4.30 pm BST 

Rob (Artist, Chasing Deer, London UK) - 7.00 pm BST 

Brendan Abernathy (Artist, Georgia USA) - 8.00 pm BST 

FRIDAY 31 July

Elle Exxe (Artist, London UK) - 3.00 pm BST 

Dolly Mavies (Artist, Oxford UK) - 4.30 pm BST 


Srishti Das (Music Consultant, New Delhi India) - 10.00 am BST 

SheWolf (Visual Artist + Blogger, London UK) - 3.00 pm BST 

YNES (Artist, Coventry UK) - 7.00 pm BST  

SUNDAY 2 August

Vale (Music events manager SXSW, Texas USA) -  4.00 pm BST 

Livy Rodriguez-Behar (Music Supervisor, Texas USA) - 6.00 pm BST  

All videos will be viewable after the event, details for how to access them will be made clear via the Instagram account. 

Visit EB’s website to find out more about her music.