SAE adapts popular music showcase format with 'Living Room' Live Lounge series

21 Jul 2020

The SAE Live Lounge is a hugely popular live music showcase which is usually shot on campus by Film students and recorded and mixed by Audio students. 

While the original iteration of the SAE Live Lounge is temporarily on hold because of Covid-19, that hasn’t stopped students from making their own lockdown ‘Living Room’ live lounges. 

SAE has released two ‘Living Room’ live lounges to date; the first was a performance from SAE London student Kevin Michael Sullivan who did a guitar performance. 

SAE Student Experience Manager Adam Lowe said: “The SAE Live Lounge has taken on a new form over the course of the Covid-19 lockdown and it’s great to see students showcasing their creative spirit from the comfort of their homes. We’d love to see more ‘Living Room’ live lounges from students from across our four UK campuses, so if you’d like to record a session please contact the Student Experience team.” 

The second ‘Living Room’ Live Lounge performance was a performance of ‘Islands’ by Caspar Vayne, which is the musical project of SAE London student Aaron Molyneaux. Aaron Molyneaux said: “I picked ‘Islands’ to record because I thought it had a summer vibe to it. All the production and filming is all done by myself too, which is usually how I work.”  

Aaron added: “I have a major project to do at the moment so don’t have the time for my own music at the moment. I’m usually inspired by getting out and doing things so once this all blows over I’m sure I’ll be back making music again.”  

For his Major Project Aaron is working on an ambient style EP, focusing on long reverb decay time as an aesthetical choice. 

In April, Aaron released a single as Caspar Vayne called ‘COLD’, which you can watch below: 

As you can see, the Covid-19 lockdown hasn’t hampered the creativity on display at SAE, the home of creatives. 

If you’re an SAE student who would like to record and submit a ‘Living Room’ Live Lounge, please contact your local Student Experience Officer via email. 

Learn more about the SAE Live Lounge here