Renowned engineer Chris Kimsey teaches SAE Oxford Audio students on 12 November

11 Nov 2019

On 12 November, SAE Oxford students will get the chance to learn from music industry titan, Chris Kimsey. 

The renowned engineer will be bringing sessions from albums he has produced and will walk students through how they were recorded, and will also run through Mixing them live on the Neve Genesys. 

Chris Kimsey has worked on over 360 albums for artists including The Rolling Stones, Peter Frampton, Duran Duran, Led Zeppelin, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Ten Years After and The Psychedelic Furs. He’s predominantly recognised for his contributions to rock, but he has also worked with a number of reggae and world music records, with artists such as BB King, Billy Preston, Gipsey Kings and The Chieftains. 

Like many veterans of the music industry, he worked his way up from being a tea boy, starting out at Olympic Studios with a keen interest in Music for Film. There he assisted with film soundtracks for classics such as The Italian Job.  

He recorded a lot of orchestras to begin with in this role, an influence which can be heard on The Rolling Stones’ Moonlight Mile (1971). In an interview with My Life In Vinyl, Chris said: “I finally really felt the power of an orchestral arrangement within rock music at that point. Paul Buckmaster’s gorgeous orchestra arrangement blew my mind. Although I had recorded an orchestra with Del Newman for Ten Years After, it was much smaller. The arrangement on Moonlight Mile was the real deal.” 

The session at SAE will be a great chance for students to learn from a figure who has developed his own unique sound and workflow over his 45 years in the industry, and a chance to ask any questions about some of the legendary artists that Kimsey has worked with over the course of his impressive career. 

Audio Production lecturer Mike Holloway said: “This is an amazing opportunity for our students! We set out this trimester to increase the amount of contact students get with industry professionals and getting Chris to come in is a really exciting part of that.”  

Connecting students with industry greats like Chris Kimsey is just one of the ways in which SAE prepares students for the workplace after they graduate. Students also get a chance to hear from practising creative professionals in SAE Extra masterclasses, and can benefit from the mentorship of a talented member of our alumni community

Tune in to our YouTube channel from 10am on 12 November to see the live session.