Participate in Music In Mind: a mental health awareness panel event at SAE London on 26 September

19 Sep 2019

SAE London are inviting three musicians to their campus on 26 September for a panel event discussing mental health awareness, and the challenges and barriers in creating and maintaining a space in the music industry. 

The event takes place from 6.00 - 8.00pm at SAE House. 

The panel event will cover various topics including symptoms, triggers, responsibility, lack, isolation, mentoring, family, environment, coping mechanisms and assistance in the quest to musically create. 

Lead Student Experience Officer at SAE London, Eddie Emeson Nwolie who will moderate the event said: ''A recent online survey found that 73% of independent artists have suffered from mental illness and a third of independent artists have suffered panic attacks. More than ever, it's important that we have as many platforms as possible for those in creative areas to be heard. Music in Mind aims to be one such forum that asks what we can do to help create a healthier climate for young students starting out in their careers and for established creatives paving the way. It's time to listen.'' 

The musicians who will be speaking about their experiences with mental health awareness are Shai Soul-Wright, K15 and J-Felix. 

Shai Soul-Wright is a singer-songwriter, musician and actress based in London whose music blends elements of soul, reggae, hip-hop, funk and jazz. With her Jamaican background, steel band heritage, these and many other influences can be heard in her various musical styles.

Shai said: “Experiencing a mental health issue, challenge, disorder, episode (there are many labels) is not easy. Having this issue as a creative who chooses creativity as a form of therapy/medicine, but in an industry focused on comparisons, judgement, criticism and the negativity of social media can be crippling! Mental health should never be a taboo subject. So let’s talk.” 

K15 has released a wealth of material, with the likes of Wild Oats, Eglo, Sound of Speed, INI Movement and WotNot, and his first full solo release is Theme Music For A Pariah. He is known and loved equally for his dancefloor-oriented releases and beat tapes, as well as his eclectic (and often educational) DJ sets. 

He said: "I think visible discourse about mental health and our thoughts and feelings is paramount for all people, I just happen to be one who makes things." 

Bristol-born and Brighton-based, J-Felix aka Joe Newman has cut his teeth into an eclectic range of bands and musical projects, including touring internationally as Alice Russell’s and Swindle’s guitarist – and having his worked licensed to various compilations alongside the likes of DJ Vadim, Ta Ku and Opolop (to name just a few).

The session will be especially useful to Audio students looking to forge a career as an artist whilst dealing with pressure and stress, and perhaps existing mental health conditions, as well as Music Business students who want to participate in the ongoing discourse about mental health awareness in the music industry. 

Register to attend the free event here.