Oxford musicians gather for local jam night

05 Dec 2016

Music lovers from across the city descended on SAE’s Oxford campus this week for the creative media institute’s first jam night.

Opening its doors to the public, locals had the opportunity to meet other artists, experiment with some improv and try out SAE’s world-class equipment.

Musician Jake said he enjoyed jamming in the institute’s legendary music studios, which has seen industry heavyweights like Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, hone their craft.

“It was ace to be able to use all the fancy gear at SAE and create groovy sound in a nice space.”

Fellow jammer Johnny said he looks forward to coming to the next session and creating more music with other Oxford locals.

“It was really fun. I liked the fact the chords were spelt out on the whiteboard, that was helpful. And the idea for the ending jam where everyone played just a simple motif and took turns to improvise a bit, I thought that worked really well.”

The event was organised by SAE’s Niko O’Brien, who is currently organising Tandem Collective - a three-day music festival that celebrates Oxford’s vibrant music scene.

If you’d like to attend the next jam session, visit SAE Events.